Hands Off Syria Coalition ai??i?? Points of Unity Statement

  1. Matti Aalto, Secretary of Oulus District, Communist Party of Finland*
  2. Jim Abourezk, Former U.S. Senator, South Dakota
  3. Judith Ackerman, WIB,* New York
  4. Jairo Aja Garcia, Ex-vicepresidente, Consejo de la juventud de Torrelavega, Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain
  5. Kevin Akin, State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party (California), USA
  6. Arena Alessio, General Secretary, Fronte Popolare,* Italy
  7. Charles Altman, Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project,* Michigan
  8. Akubundu Amazu, Central Committee Member, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
  9. Hashim Al-Malki, FAi??reningen Syriensolidaritet, Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Robert Anderson, Co-Director, Stop the War Machine
  11. Tim Anderson, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney,* Australia
  12. Dietrich Antelmann, Diplomkameralist, Mitglied beim Komitee fA?r Grundrechte und Demokratie,* Potsdam, Germany
  13. Michael Anthony, Lightning Ledge,* Crete, Illinois
  14. Masad Arbid, M.D., Arab – Americans for Syria*
  15. Alessio Arena, Political Secretary, Fronte Popolare, Italy
  16. Mohammed Arif, General Secretary, British Afro-Asian Organisation
  17. Hector Aristizabal, Director, ImaginAction Theatre, Sierra Madre, California
  18. Lee Artz, Professor, Media Studies, Purdue Northwest,* Indiana
  19. Kenneth Ashe, Veterans for Peace,* Marshall, North Carolina
  20. Karen Ashikeh, Founder, Earth Neighborhood, Fremont, California
  21. Christopher Assad, The Expatriates Association of Syrians in Canada
  22. Margli Auclair, Director, Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center, Walnut Creek, California
  23. Dr. Georg Auernheimer, Univ. Prof. em., Internationale Liga fA?r Menschenrechte
  24. Steffen AumA?ller, FriedensbA?ndnis Berlin, Mitglied DIE LINKE, Germany
  25. Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan Africa News Wire
  26. Kazem Azin, Co-founder, Solidarity Iran ai??i?? SI, USA
  27. Adam Baker, Chairperson, Hands Off Syria ai??i?? Brisbane, Australia
  28. Alli Baker, Pastor, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, Chicago
  29. Ekkehard Basten, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Weapons,* Berlin, Germany
  30. Richard Baker, Fronte Popolare, Italy
  31. Ajama Baraka, Human Rights Defender, USA
  32. William Barklay, In Service to Humankind of Planet Earth, Washington DC, USA
  33. Peter Barrett, President, Pacific Institute of Resource Management,* Wellington, New Zealand
  34. Thomas Baxter, President, Veterans for Peace Chapter 15, Florida
  35. Mary Beaudoin, Women Against Military Madness,* Minnesota, USA
  36. Daniel Becker, Deutscher Freidenker Verband,* Berlin, Germany
  37. Dr. Johannes Mari Becker, Senior Researcher, Arbeitskreis Marburger, Germany
  38. Vanessa Beeley, Independent Journalist and Photographer
  39. Mike Beilstein, City Councilor,* Corvallis, Oregon
  40. Romina Beitseen, Secretary, Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD), Australia
  41. Judith Bello, Member of Admin Committee, UNAC; Rochester Peace Action and Education
  42. Narimen Beneddine, Project Assistant , North-South Centre of the Council of Europe,* Lisbon, Portugal
  43. Matyas Benyik,Ai??Chairperson, ATTAC Hungary
  44. William Bianchi, Chair, PDA Chicago
  45. Thomas Bias, National Secretary, Labor Fightback Network, New Jersey, USA
  46. Olga Bidshijewa, Verdi, S21-Gegner,* Stutgart, Germany
  47. Toby BlomAi??, CODEPINK, SF Bay Area Chapter,* California, USA
  48. Max Bollock, Board Member, San Mateo County Peace Action,* USA
  49. Timothy Bood, Nova Scotia Cuba Association,* Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network,* Halifax, Canada
  50. Anne Bowers, Women in Black,* New York, USA
  51. Mattie Boyd, Workers World Party,* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  52. Vincenzo Branid, Spokesman, No War Net / No NATO List ai??i?? Rome (Italy)
  53. Jimmy Brash, Editorial Board Member, The North Star website,* Parsippany-Troy Hills, new Jersey
  54. Manfred Braun, Member of Local Speaker Council, DIE LINKE,* BrA?hl (Baden), Germany
  55. Charles Britz, Appalachian Left,* Huntington, West Virginia
  56. Keith Brooks, UFT Retiree, NWU,* New York, USA
  57. Bob Brown, Organizer, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) ai??i?? USA
  58. Vincenzo Brandi, Spokesman, No War Net Rome / No NATO List ai??i?? Italy
  59. Daniel Brown, Director, Rite of Strings, Modern Guitar Tuition, Cockburn Central, Australia
  60. Annette Brownlie, President, Just Peace Qld Australia
  61. Minnie Bruce Pratt, UAW Local 1981/ National Writers Union*
  62. Kim Bryan, General Secretary,* Socialist Labour Party (Great Britain)
  63. Ai??Jacob Bryant, National Director, Movement for People’s Democracy, New York
  64. Heinrich Buecker, Initiator, Coop Anti-War Cafe, AntikriegTV, Berlin, Germany
  65. Doug Bullock, Legislator, Albany County,* USA
  66. Kerry Burch, Professor, Northern Illinois University,* USA
  67. Mark Burton, Member of the Board, Alliance for Global Justice
  68. Gregory Butterfield, National Organization of Legal Services Workers, UAW Local 2320,* New York, USA
  69. Mike Caggiano, President, Peace Action of San Mateo County, California
  70. Traian Cainaru, USFSP,* New York, USA
  71. Luke Callinan, Political Organiser, Sinn FAi??in,* Ireland
  72. Candace Carnicelli, Executive Director, Common Peace,* California, USA
  73. Alfonse Casal, National Spokesperson, American Party of Labor
  74. Elizabeth Case, Dorchester People for Peace,* Boston, Massachusetts
  75. Isabelle Casel, Die Linke,* WIIS,* attac DPG,* Bonn, Germany
  76. Liane Casten, Co-Chair, Citizens Act to Protect Our Water (CAPOW!)*
  77. John Catalinotto, Managing Editor, Workers World newspaper,* USA
  78. Sara Catalinotto, Delegate, UFT Local 2/MORE Caucus,* New York
  79. John Chadwick, Magistrate of Visa Application,* Bellingham, Sashington State
  80. Dr. Issa Chaer, Syria Solidarity Movement
  81. Frank Chapman, Field organizer, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression*
  82. Courtney Childs, CCDS, Corvallis Chapter,* Oregon
  83. Edward Childs, Chief-Steward, Unite-Here Local 26,* Massachusetts, USA
  84. K. R. Chowdry, President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum, Kokata, India
  85. Travis Christal, CPA, Tarrant County Green Party, Forth Worth, Texas
  86. Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General & Human Rights Attorney
  87. Polet Claudine, Comite Surveillance OTAN, Bruxelles, Belgique
  88. Richard Clement, President, Tom Sturtevant Chapter 001, Maine Veterans For Peace*
  89. Roger Cole, Chair, Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Ireland
  90. Diana G. Collier, Editorial Director, Clarity Press, Inc., Georgia, USA
  91. Lynn Comerford, Professor, California State University ai??i?? East Bay*
  92. Mary Compton, Co-Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council,* Connecticut
  93. Shahid Comrade, Secretary General, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, New York
  94. Gerry Condon, National Board Vice President, Veterans For Peace*
  95. James Connolly, Administrator, Connecticut Progressives FB Page
  96. Sheila Coombes, Founder and Coorinator, Frome Stop War, UK
  97. John Cooper, Professor of Chemistry (Retired), Pennsylvania
  98. Len Cooper, Melbourne May Day Committee, Australia
  99. Renato Corsetti, Progresemaj Esperantistoj (Progressive Esperanto Speakers),* London, UK
  100. Heather Cottin, Long Island Committee Against US Wars,* Freeport, New York
  101. Ian Cox,Ai??Vice-Chair, Students for a Democratic Society (Angelina College Chapter), Texas
  102. Lynn Comerford, Professor, California State University,* East Bay, California
  103. Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea, Founder & Pastor One World Life Systems, New York
  104. Tim Craine, Secretary, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba, Connecticut
  105. Bernadette Cronin-Geller, Brandywine Peace Community,* Philadelphia
  106. Cheryl Curtis, Ct 9/11 Truth
  107. Christine Curtiss, Arlington Street Church,* Boston, Massachusetts
  108. Margaretta D’Arcy, Chair, Women in Media and Entertainment (WIME),* Galway, Ireland
  109. Kenneth Dalton, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21,* New Jersey, U.S.A.
  110. Angelo D’Angelo, Chairperson, US Friends of the Soviet People, Staten Island, NY
  111. Claudine Dauphin, Archaeologist and Historian of the Middle East, Paris, France
  112. Nicolas J. S. Davies, Author of Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq, Florida, USA
  113. Erin Davis, Ancaster Discovery Gardens,* Ancaster, Canada
  114. Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, UAW 1981,* New York
  115. Ian Decker, National Organizer, Students for a Democratic Society (National);* Organizer, Students for a Democratic Society @UofU,* Utah
  116. Kimberly DeFranco, Welfare Rights Committee,* Minnesota, USA
  117. Luana DeJesus, Buffalo Anti Racism Coalition, New York, USA
  118. Joe Delaplaine, Organizer, Party for Socialism and Liberation,* California
  119. Francesco Delledonne, International Relations Secretary, Fronte Popolare (Italy)
  120. Judith Deutsch, Past President, Science for Peace,* Toronto, Canada
  121. Kate Dewes, Coordinator, Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand
  122. Jadranka Dierkes, Peace, Bochum, Germany
  123. Lucas Dietsche, Organizer, Samizdat: Socialist Prisoners Project, Wisconsin
  124. Selena Di Francescantonio, Fronte Popolare,* Italy
  125. Cheryl Distaso, Coordinator, Strength Through Peace, an affiliate of the Fort Collins Community Action Network, Colorado
  126. Said Dodin, GrA?nder, One World Media, Berlin, Germany
  127. Curtis Doebbler, Officer, International-Lawyers.Org, Geneva, Switzerland
  128. Denis Doherty, National Coordinator, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition
  129. Arthur Donart, Deacon, Pax Christi ai??i?? Clinton, Iowa
  130. Ute Donner, Artist, Umbrella Peace Art,* Berlin, Germany
  131. Paul Dordal, Secretary, Veterans For Peace ai??i?? Pittsburgh,* Pennsylvania
  132. Michael Drohan Anti-War Committee of the Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh
  133. Nicolas Dryansky, UNAC,* New York
  134. Henry Duke, M.D., Founder, Medical Director, Orange County Healthcare for All!, California
  135. Mary Catherine Dundon, SSND, Retired, School Sisters of Notre Dame,* Wisconsin
  136. Frank Dorrel, Publisher, ADDICTED To WAR, California, USA
  137. Nicolas Dryansky, UNAC,* New York
  138. Henry Duke, M.D., Medical Director, Orange County Healthcare For All!
  139. Berthony Dupont, Haiti LibertAi?? Newspaper,* New York, USA
  140. Sandy Eaton, South Shore Coalition for Human Rights ai??i?? Massachusetts,* USA
  141. Nick Egnatz, NW Indiana Veterans For Peace*
  142. Bernie Eisenberg, HP Boycott Campaign,* California
  143. Irene Eckert, Board Member, AKF, Berlin, Germany
  144. Irene Eckert, Board Member, Arbeitskreis fA?r Friedenspolitik – atomwaffenfreies Europa e. V., Berlin, Germany
  145. Mick Eddings, Contacts Coordinator, New Mexico Intrinsic Human Rights Collaborative
  146. Debra Ellis, Cognitive Liberty, Californian, USA
  147. Vigna Enrico, Speaker, SOS Siria and CIVG (Initiative Center for Truth and Justice),* Tourin, Italy
  148. Marie Ericsson, KommunikstAi??r, FNEU,* HAi??gersten, Sweden
  149. Leif Erlingsson, LegeNet,* Bruzaholm, Sweden
  150. Chris Ernesto, St. Pete for Peace
  151. Petros Evdokas, Editorial Collective, Cyprus IndyMedia
  152. Wolfgang Fabricius, Leitungskreis, Akademie Solidarische Akademie, Germany
  153. Niall Farrel, Press Officer, Galway Alliance Against War, Ireland
  154. Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Chairman, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, Sweden
  155. Rachelina Ferrecchia, Fronte Popolare,* Italy
  156. Maria Ilda Figueiredo, Chairperson, Conselho PortuguA?s para a Paz e CooperaAi??A?o / Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation
  157. Miguel Figueroa, Executive Member, Canadian Peace Congress; Central Committee Member and Former Leader of the Communist Party of Canada*
  158. Andrew Fink, Party for Socialism and Liberation,* Illinois
  159. Mary Lou Finley, Co-Chair, San Diego County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California
  160. Anita Fisicaro, Nowar, Italy
  161. Terence Fitzgibbons, Veterans For Peace,* New Jersey, USA
  162. Irene Flachsbart, Friedenskoordination,* Berlin, Germany
  163. Margaret Flowers, M.D., Green Party Candidate for Senate; Co-Director, Itai??i??s Our Economy*
  164. David Foreman, Communist Party of Canada*
  165. Haelg Franz, Obmann, Auszeithaus, Germany
  166. Wolfram Freiling, Peace Party,* Germany
  167. Walter Friedmann, attac,* BA?hl, Germany
  168. Ramiro Funez, ANTICONQUISTA*
  169. Carl Gentile, CEO, Labor Union Advocates, Maryland, USA
  170. Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space*
  171. Robin Gaura, Teacher, Diamond Mountain University,* Santa Cruz, California
  172. Carol Gay, President, NJ State Industrial Union Council,* USA
  173. Franziska Genitsch, Swiss Peace Movement,* Switzerland
  174. Andrew George, Cadre, Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain)
  175. Frank Geppert, Thale, Germany
  176. JA?rgen Geppert, Kommunistische Partei Deutschland*
  177. Peter Gerlinghoff, Speaker, Peace Forum Sangerhausen, Germany
  178. Michael Gessner, Friedensinitiative SA?lz-Klettenberg KAi??ln, Germany
  179. Bradley Geyer, Veterans for Peace-Chapter 175,* Janesville WI; Iraq Veterans Against War,* Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3589*ai??i??Jefferson, WI
  180. Subrata Ghoshroy, Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology*
  181. John Gilbert, Secretary, FLC-CGIL Trade Union University of Florence (Italy)
  182. Ayesha Gill, IWW,* Oakland, California
  183. Steven Gillis, Financial Secretary, United Steelworkers Local 8751
  184. Daniel Gilman, President, Veterans For Peace Chapter 92,* Greater Seattle, Oregon
  185. Mike Gimbel, Retired Executive Board Member, Local 375 AFSCME,* Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
  186. Greg Godels, Co-Director, Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League
  187. Tayfun Gol, Co-Director, Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League
  188. FlA?vio GonAi??alves, Chairman, Instituto de Altos Estudos em GeopolAi??tica e CiA?ncias Auxiliares ai??i?? Portuguese Institute of Higher Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences, Amadora, Portugal
  189. Socorro Gomes, President, World Peace Council (WPC)
  190. Therese Gonzalez, Collectif de soutien aux rAi??fugies,* AbriA?s, France
  191. Trevor Goodger-Hill, Citizens of the World, Canada
  192. Bob Goodman, Steering Committee Member, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
  193. George Greene, Member of Secretariat, Party of Communists USA
  194. Martha Grevatt, Trustee, UAW Local 869,* Michigan, USA
  195. Eldon Grossman, Veterns For Peace,* Chicago, Illinois
  196. Pernille Grumme, Chairman, Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND), Denmark
  197. Joachim Guilliard, Forum against Militarism and War,* Heidelberg, Germany
  198. Maria Gabriella Guidetti, NoWar ai??i?? Casa internazionale delle donne, Roma, Italy
  199. Margaret Guttshall, Green Party,* Candidate for Wayne State University Board of Governors, Michigan
  200. Evelyn Haas, Member of Executive Committee, Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice
  201. Hermann Haberl, Mitglied, Gewerkschafter gegen Atomenergie und Krieg,* Wien, Austria
  202. Willie Hager, National Board Member, Veterans For Peace*
  203. Henry Hagins, Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition ai??i?? NYC
  204. Abbas Hamideh,Ai??al-Awda Steering Committee*
  205. Erika Hampel, LINKE,* Berlin, Germany
  206. Nancy Hammond, Antiwar Chicago*
  207. Joseph Hancock, Movement for People’s Democracy, Los Angeles, California
  208. Donald Hank, Laigles Forum, Florida
  209. Tamara Hansen, National Coordinator, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice ai??i?? Canada
  210. Marion Harper, Hon. Secretary, Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Australia
  211. Mike Harris, Finance editor, Veteranstoday.com, Arizona
  212. Sue Harris, Peoples Video Network, New Jersey, USA
  213. Niels Harrit, Associate Professor Emeritus, 911 Truth Denmark*
  214. Klaus Hartmann, President, World Union of Freethinkers / German Freethinkers Association
  215. Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
  216. Franz Haslbeck, MA?nchner BA?ndnis gegen Krieg und Rassismus, Germany
  217. Tatjana Miriam Hasse, Member, DIE LINKE,* Heidelberg, Germany
  218. Jorge Herrera, Director of the Program, Oye Latino Radio program at Access Radio 783 AM*
  219. Mrs. Harriet Heywood, Florida Coordinator, People Demanding Action
  220. S. Hedgecoke, CWA 14156,* New York
  221. Robert Hepburn, Coordinating Committee Member, Veterans For Peace,* Arcata, California
  222. Patrick Higgins, Students for a Democratic Society at UH
  223. Joseph Hickey, Executive Director, Ontario Civil Liberties Association, Canada
  224. Jaribu Hill, Human Rights Defender
  225. Fred Hirsch, Labor Council Delegate, Plumbers and Fitters Local 393,* California
  226. Doris Hoerner, Die LINKE,* Buchen, Germany
  227. Dr. Fritz Erik Hoevels, Psychoanalyst, Alliance Against Conformity,* Freiburg, Germany
  228. Herbert Hoffman, Veterans for Peace,* Albuquerque, New Mexico
  229. Geoff Holland,Ai??Facilitator, World Peace Now,* Cairns, Australia
  230. Julia Hoppe, Swiss Peace Movement
  231. Edward Horgan, Chairperson, Veterans for Peace Ireland
  232. Lydia Howell, Producer, Host of “Catalyst,” KFAI Community Radio, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  233. Joan Hoff, Research Professor of History, Nontana State University,* Bozeman
  234. Veron Hoffman, Bike 4 Peace, Oregon, USA
  235. Julia Hoppe, Secretary, Schweizerische Friedensbewegung (SFB), Basel, Switzerland
  236. Pat Hunt, Chicago Area CodePINK
  237. Edward Horgan, Chairperson, Veterans for Peace ai??i?? Ireland
  238. Jamie Houghton, World Peace Now,* Long Beach, California
  239. Brian Huseby, International Socialist Organization
  240. Talal Imam, Syrien solidaritet,*Ai?? Sweden
  241. Joe Iosbaker, Anti-War Committee ai??i?? Chicago
  242. Andrew Irving, Secretary, Communist Party Australia ai??i?? Melbourne Branch
  243. Abdul Jabbar, Emeritus Professor City College of San Francisco,* California
  244. Sebastian Jahn, Der Stachel Leipzig,* Germany
  245. Joe Jamison, Coordinator, Queens Peace Council*
  246. Heide Janicki, Rentnerin, ver.di, Braunschweig, Germany
  247. Jane Anne Jeffries, L.A. Coordinator, Project NatureConnect
  248. Arlene Johnson, CEO, News Source, Inc., Newton, Massachusetts
  249. Dale Johnson, Retired Professor, Brava, Costa Rica
  250. Gary Johnson, Treasurer, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church,* New York City
  251. Ivar Jordre, Board Member, Latin America Group,* Bergen, Norway
  252. Lars JA?rgensen, Researcher, Homo Sociologicus, Denmark
  253. Alekxander Jovanovich, Ekological Union,* New York
  254. Alicia Jrapko, U.S. Coordinator, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
  255. Intibah Kadi, Founder, Redline Syria, Andorra
  256. Chris Kaihatsu, RevLeft.com,* Illinois
  257. Kerry Kappell, Popular Resistance,* New York
  258. Sonja Karas, Green Party,* Kremmen, Germany
  259. Daut Karabegovic, This is SYRIA,* Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  260. Mohd Kassem, Followup Committee, Anti Imperialist Forum, Beirut, Lebanon
  261. Tarak Kauf, National Board Member, Managing Editor, Peace in Our Times, Veterans For Peace*
  262. Chris Kaihatsu RevLeft.com,* Chicago, Illinois
  263. Michael Keefer, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph,* Toronto, Canada
  264. Robert Keilbach, Secretary, Veterans For Peaceai??i??NYC Chapter 34
  265. June Kelly, Editor, Independent Researcher ai??i?? Alternative Media ai??i?? Ireland
  266. Jesse Kern, Veterans For Peace,* Saint Petersburg, Florida
  267. Michaela Kerstan, Sprecherin, Die Linke Haltern am See,* Haltern am See, Germany
  268. Geraroid Kilgallen, Member of Steering Committee, Irish Anti-War Movement,* Dun Laoghaire
  269. Noah Killough, Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Charlotte, North Carolina
  270. Margaret Kimberly, Editor and Senior Columnist, Black Agenda Report
  271. Elaine Marie Kinch, founding Member, Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, Wisconsin, USA
  272. Timothy King, Treasurer, Christians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East,* Indiana
  273. John Kiriakou, former CIA counterterrorism officer and former senior investigator, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  274. Stevan Kirschbaum, Vice President, United Steelworkers, Local 8751,* Roslindale, Massachusetts
  275. Dr. Ansgar Klein, Sprecher, Aachener Aktionsgemeinschaft, “Frieden jetzt!”, Wuerselen, Germany
  276. Helene Klein, Sprecherin, WA?rselener Initiative fA?r den Frieden,Ai??WA?rselen, Germany
  277. Gary Kleppe, Chair, York Township Democratic Organization,* Illinois
  278. Cheryl Kozanitas, Board Member, Peace Action of San Mateo County,* California
  279. Michael Kramer, Chapter President, Veterans For Peace ai??i?? Chapter 021 (Northern New Jersey)*
  280. Vladislaw Krasnow, Russia & America Goodwill Association,* Virginia, USA
  281. Steve Krevisky, Congress of CT Community Colleges,* Connecticut, USA
  282. Guenter Kuesters, Workinggroup, “Geopolitics and Peace,” from Attac and Peace-Forum,* Cologne, Germany
  283. Mike Kuhlenbeck, National Writers Union UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO,* Des Moines, Iowa
  284. Lothar-Erich Kurth, Vertrauensmann, Ver.di,* Berlin, Germany
  285. Norbert Kuske, Mitglied, ver.di, Wahlstedt, Germany
  286. James Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus, National Lawyers Guild,*
  287. Shay Lafontaine, Young Communist League,* Canada
  288. Ray Laforest, Haiti Support Network
  289. John Laforge, Co-Director, NukeWatch
  290. Elisabeth Lauck-Ndayi, Freiburger Friedensforum, Forum Weingarten e.V.,* Germany
  291. Lea Launokari, Women for Peace, Finland
  292. Verbena Lea, Director, Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC), California
  293. Sharleen Leahey, Coordinator, songs4peace, New Jersey, USA
  294. Virginia Lee, Attorney, Law Office of Virginia Curtis Lee, Salt Lake City, Utah
  295. Albert Leger, Multipolar-World against War, Berlin, Germany
  296. Ed Lehman, Vice President, Regina Peace Council*
  297. Julie, Levine, Co-Director, Topanga Peace Alliance and MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
  298. John Lewis, Retired Member, UFCW Local 400,* New York
  299. Dawn Lifsey, President, Students for a Democratic Society – Clemson SDS
  300. Otmar Lindner, Monitor, OSCE,* Sr. Kanzian, Austria
  301. Joan Livingston, Veterans For Peace,* No-Drones Network,* Boston Massacusetts
  302. Gavin Lockard, Workers-Youth United,* Hatboro, Pennsylvania
  303. Dave Logsdon, President, Veterans For Peace ai??i?? Chapter 27,* Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  304. Dr. Zieske Lothar, Attac, Hamburg, Germany
  305. Dr. Manfred Lotze, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War,* Germany
  306. Henry Lowendorf, Co-Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council, Connecticut, USA
  307. M., Recording Secretary, Veterans For Peace, Don & Sally-Alice Thompson #63, Albuquerqe, New Mexico
  308. Peter Macapugay, Anakbayan,* San Diego, California
  309. David Macilwain, Spokesperson, Australians for Reconciliation in Syria*
  310. Jeff Mackler, National Secretary, Socialist Action, California
  311. Jeff Mackler, The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Northern California
  312. Mafa Mafa, President, Zimbabwe Pan Africanist Youth Agenda
  313. Lisa Makarchuk, Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO),* Toronto, Canada
  314. Issam Makhoul, Chairperson, Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian and Israeli Studies,* Haifa, Israel
  315. Ali Mallah, Steering Committee, Syria Solidarity Movement
  316. Jari MAi??ntylAi??, Director, Oma, Nokia, Finland
  317. Alfred Marder, President, U.S. Peace Council
  318. John Marienthal, Former Commissioner, San Jose Human Rights Commission,* California
  319. George Martin, Liberty Tree
  320. Sarah Martin, Co-Chair, Women Against Military Madness,*
  321. Gene Marx,Ai??Communication Coordinator, Veterans For Peace Chapter 111, Minneapolis Minnesota
  322. Binu Mathew, Editor, Countercurrents.org, India
  323. David Maynard, Seat 1, Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation,* Florida
  324. Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and Presidential briefer
  325. Jo (Yosi) McIntire, Acroosthe Straits / The Friendship Association,* Florida, USA
  326. Kimberly McKeon,Ai??Board Member/Volunteer, Institue for Global Education*
  327. Susan McLucas, Committee for Peace & Human Rights,* Massachusetts
  328. Pat McSweeney Citizens for an Informed Community,* Massachusetts
  329. Rev. F. Mark Mealing, Ph.D., Anglican Church of Canada,* Meadow Creek, Canada
  330. Jessie Medvan, President, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 47, Western Pennsylvania
  331. Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace, London, UK
  332. Gregory Mello, Executive Director, Los Alamos Study Group
  333. Daniel A. Mengeling, Law Offices of Daniel A. Mengeling, New Mexico, USA
  334. Harry Meserve, Associate Librarian Emeritus, San Jose State University,* Capitola, California
  335. Priscilla & Thomas Metscher, Retired University Teachers, Grafenau, Germany
  336. Thodore Micceri, SOLVE, Florida, USA
  337. Thomas Milcarek, Veterans For Peace,* Santa Cruz, California
  338. Kyle Miller, Party Organizer, Party of Communists USA,* New York
  339. Dennis Mills, Treasurer, Veterans For Peace Chapter #109, Washington State
  340. Gabi Meyer, Friedensgrupp,*Ai??Bendestorf, Germany
  341. Ingrid Monkiewicz, Founding Member, Liberty From The Lobby,* Washington DC
  342. Monica Moorehead, US Presidential Candidate, Workers World Party
  343. Amir Mortasawi, Physician and Author, Rotenburg sn der fulda, Germany
  344. Nick Mottern, Knowdrones.com
  345. Gavin Mueller, Visiting Assistant Professor, UT Dallas*
  346. Jana Lynne Webb Muhar, Mariposa Habitat Nursery, Santa Rosa, California
  347. Manik Mukherjee, General Secretary, International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee; Vice-President, All India Anti-Imperialist Forum, Kolkata, India
  348. Lois and Maria Mueller-Giebels, Frieden jetzt, Aachen,* Germany
  349. Phil Mueller, Veterans For Peace,* Crown Point, Indiana
  350. Margot MA?ller, Bundessprecherin/ National Chairwoman, Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN, Berlin, Germany
  351. Norbert MA?ller, terre des hommes AG SchwAi??bisch GmA?nd,* Germany
  352. Gabriel Murcia, Radical Student Union ai??i?? CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio
  353. Luci Murphy, Music Administrator, DC Black Workers Center*
  354. Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East, National Intelligence Council (ret.)
  355. Layla Naffa, Arab Women Organization of Jordan
  356. Radmila Nastic, University Professor, Belgrade, Serbia
  357. Navid Nasr, Editor-in-Chief, Balkans Post,* Croatia
  358. Donna Nassor, PhD, Human Rights Activist, New Jersey, USA
  359. Jim Newman, JVP,* Evanston, Illinois
  360. Theresa Nielson, President, Students for a Democratic Society, Salt Lake City, Utah
  361. Hassanal Noor Rashid, Program Coordinator, International Movement for a Just World (JUST), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  362. Agneta Norberg, Chairwoman, Swedish Peace Council
  363. Efia Nwangaza, Founder/Director, Malcolm X Center
  364. Marlene Obeid, Hands Off Syria, Sydney,* Australia
  365. Daniel O’Brien, CDC, London Regional Organizer, Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
  366. Elder Gidon Odinga Mukhtar Odinga, Editor, Revolutionary Theory and Action Collective – Journal, Georgia, USA
  367. Sazi Okera, Minister, International Indigenous Society, Georgia, USA
  368. Jon Olsen, Co-Chair, Maine Green Independent Party*
  369. Douglas Olson, Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP), Minnesota, USA
  370. Eleanor Ommani, Co-Founder, American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), New York
  371. Giovanni Ordanini, Fronte Popolare,* Milan, Italy
  372. Ivonne Padilla, Villas de la Playa Vega baja, Puerto Rico
  373. Elfi Padovan, Sprecherin, LAG Frieden der LINKEN,* Munich, Germany
  374. Elayne Pallistan, Facebook Editor, Neighbors For Peace*
  375. Manuel Pardo, Secretary, Foro Contra la Guerra Imperialista y la OTAN (Spain)
  376. Nasrin Parsa, Producer, Democracy TV Berlin, Germany
  377. Lazaro Pary, Indian Organization Tupaj Amaru (MITA), Bolivia
  378. Dhuruv Pathak, Workers World Party,* New York
  379. Rosalie Paul, Organizer, PeaceWorks, Maine
  380. Wolfgang Penzholz, Koalition des Widerstands, Berlin, Germany
  381. Cynthia Papermaster, Organizer, Codepink Golden Gate Chapter, Berkeley, California
  382. Carmencita Peralta, Convenor, Ecumenical Women’s Forum ai??i?? Philippines
  383. Sally Parker, US Peace Council,* Davis, California
  384. Susan Pennington, Indianapolis Peace and Justice Coalition,* Indiana
  385. Lindis Percy, Co-founder, Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases ai??i?? CAAB UK*
  386. Candida Rosa Perez Flores, Campamento Contra La Junta,* San Juan, Puerto Rico
  387. Rune Persson, Kommunistiska Partiet,* NorrkAi??ping, Sweden
  388. Sam Petker, Party for Socialism and Liberation,* Stockton, California
  389. Bryan Pfeifer, Coordinator, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
  390. Christoph Pfluger, Publisher, Zeitpunkt Magazine, Solothurn, Switzerland
  391. Nascent Ping, Creator, War is Unacceptable to Consciousness, New Jersey
  392. Paul Pipkin, Nat’l Committee of GPUS, Candidate for 20th US Congressional Dist of Texas, Green Party*
  393. Rafael Pla-Lopez, Secretary of Internal Communication, PCPV,* Spain
  394. Wendy Pond, Secretary, Manu Waiata Restoration & Protection Society, Ltd, New Zealand
  395. Catherine Pottinger, Program Chair, SEIU 6 Active Retirees,* Washington State, USA
  396. Dr. Peter Priskil, Historian, Alliance Against Conformity,* Freiburg, Germany
  397. Cornelia Praetorius, MA?tter gegen den Krieg,* Berlin, Germany
  398. Rod Prosser, Community Media Trust, Wellington, New Zealand
  399. Jim Prues,Ai??Director, World 5.0
  400. Trudy Quaif, Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
  401. Brigitte Queck, Vorsitzende, MA?tter gegen den Krieg Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany
  402. Khalid Raheem, Chairman, New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  403. Sami Ramadani, Committee Member, Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, London, UK
  404. Felipe Ramos, Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico
  405. Evan Ramsden, Chairperson, Newcastle Peace Group, Lambton, Australia
  406. Dennis Rancourt, PhD, Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association,* Ottawa, Canada
  407. Barry Ranger, Co-Chair, Northwest Iowa Peace and Justice Committee
  408. Jammu Narayana Rao, General Secretary, SEC. Rly Pensioners Association of India
  409. Elsa Rassbach,Ai??Coordinating Committee, UNAC*
  410. Bimal Rathnayake, Member of Parliament, Peoples’ Liberation Front ai??i?? JVP
  411. Linda Ray, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council*
  412. Neal Resnikoff, March 19th Anti-War Coalition (Chicago)
  413. Quest Riggs, Treasurer, New Orleans Workers Group, USA
  414. Mary & Rev. Robert Reader, Veterans for Peace,* Coalition for Peace, and Justice,* O. C. Peace and Justice,* etc., New York
  415. David Rennie, Hamilton and District Labour Council,* Stoney Creek, Canada
  416. Ken Rennery, Organizer, Democracy without Borders, Canada
  417. Neal Resnikoff, Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice / March 19th Anti-War Coalition (Chicago)
  418. David Riehle, Local Chairman Emeritus, United Transportation Union (SMART) Local 650,* St. Paul, Minnesota
  419. Hartmut Ring, PAi??dagogInnen fA?r den Frieden, Hamburg, Germany
  420. George Ripley, Dir. Focus on Democracy,* Washington DC
  421. Chris Robinson, Membership Secretary, Green Party of Philadelphia*
  422. Judith Robinson, Dominican Sisters of Aotearoa,* New Zealand
  423. Ldd Robinson, President, African Awareness Association, USA
  424. Stan Robinson, Co-founder, Truth and Justice Radio,* Massachusetts, USA
  425. Stewart Robinson, Vice Chair, Stop Targeting Ohio Poor
  426. David Rolde, State Committee Member, Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts*
  427. Anders Romelsjo, Board Member, The organization Syria Solidarity; Folket i Bild Kulturfront, avdelningen i Stockholm,* Sweden
  428. Suzanne Ross, Pam Africa, Chair, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  429. Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent and former Minneapolis Division Legal Counsel
  430. Bronson Rozier, Organizer, Socialist Action,* Louisville, Kentucky
  431. Carol Rozier, Organizer, Socialist Action,* Louisville, Kentucky
  432. Antonio Rue, Teacher, Marist Brothers,*Ai??Libertador, Argentina
  433. Ethelia Ruiz, Full Research Professor, INAH, Mexico City, Mexico
  434. Ruth Russell, Former National Joint Coordinator, Wlomen’s International League for Peace & Freedom ai??i?? Australian Section
  435. Eugene E. Ruyle, Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter 162,* Oakland, California
  436. Rauni Salminen, Handsoff Venezuelaai??i??Finland
  437. Phil Sarazen, Artist Producer, Bike Arts Artist/Environment Forum, Toronto, Canada
  438. Lampros Savvidis, Delegierter, DIE LINKE Steglitz / Zehlendorf,* Berlin
  439. Randal Scamardo, Casa de las Lenguas, Texas
  440. Eric Schechter, Newsletter Editor, Nashville Peace and Justice Center,* Tennessee
  441. Karen Schieve, Retired Member of United Educators of San Francisco*
  442. Ben Sears, AFT (Teachers’ Union ai??i?? Retired),* USA
  443. Klaus-P. Schleisiek, Attac,* Germany
  444. Einar Schlereth, Writer, Journalist, Translatror, KlavrestrAi??m, Sweden
  445. Renate SchAi??nfeld, DKP, Germany
  446. Pete Schoonmaker, Veterans For Peace,* Seattle, Washington
  447. Mechthild Schreiber,Ai??Mitglied, Regionalgruppe: forum Ziviler Friedensdienst,* Munich, Germany
  448. Dr. Larry Semark, ANSWER,* Albuquerque, New Mexico
  449. Heinz Schammert , Berger fuer den Frieden Karlsruhe, Germany
  450. Georgina Shanley, Co-Founder, Citizens United for Renewable Energy (CURE), New Jersey, USA
  451. Randy Shannon, Secretary, Progressive Democrats of America*
  452. Cindy Sheehan, Anti-War Gold Star Mother
  453. Jeffrey Shurtleff, Volunteer, Amnesty International USA,* California
  454. Marjaliisa Siira, Finnish Peace Committee*
  455. William Simon, President, Veterans For Peace Chapter 71, Sonoma County, California
  456. Wm. & Ursula Slavick, Retired Coordinator, Pax Christi Maine*
  457. Meaghan Simpson, Founder/Director, Mending Wheel,* Fortuna, California
  458. Peter Sirois, Producer, Maine Social Justice ai??i?? Public Access TV Show
  459. Angel Smith, HEAL, Seattle, WA
  460. Ceresta Smith, Administrator, United Opt Out National, Florida
  461. Jack A. Smith, Editor, Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, New York
  462. Stansfield Smith, Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee
  463. GA?nter SAi??lken, Berlin, Mitglied im Rat von attac Deutschland,*
  464. Louise-Lora Somlyo, Peace Action Maine*
  465. John Spitzberg, Veterans For Peace,* Willow, Alaska
  466. John St. Peter, Peace Action of San Mateo County,* California
  467. Dr. Henry Stahl, Senior Medical Consultant, IPPNW, Germany
  468. Mark Stansbery, Co-Coordinator, Columbus Campaign for Arms Control,* Ohio
  469. Steven Starr, Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility,* Missouri
  470. Lauren Steiner, Lead Organizer, Our Revolution Los Angeles
  471. Richard Sterling, Syria Solidarity Movement, Walnut Creek, California
  472. Tina Stevenson, Neighbors 4 Peace,* Evanston, Illinois
  473. Jens Stiller, Journalist, Berlin, Germany
  474. Jane Stillwater, President, Century of the Child
  475. Regina StAi??berYurdakul, No to Nato Gruppe Frankfurt, Germany
  476. Sava Stomporowski, Mitglied Partei BA?ndnis/90 ai??i?? DIE GRA?NEN, Germany
  477. Barbara Strathdee, Secretary, Pacific Institute of Resource Management,* Wellington, New Zealand
  478. Joanna Straughn, Organizer, People’s Power Assembly,* Salt Lake City, Utah
  479. Ryan Stray, Party for Socialism and Liberation,* California
  480. Ninie G. Syarikin, House of Creative Writing, Michigan, USA
  481. Claudio Tamagnini, International Solidarity Movement,* Italy
  482. Dr. F. Taylor, Coordinator, Hilton Head for Peace, South Carolina
  483. Ayumi Temlock, NJ Peace Action,* USA
  484. Tarsha TeRure, Kaikarakia, Rangiatea Church,* Otaki, New Zealand
  485. Jay Tharappel, Committee Member, Hands Off Syria, Sidney, Australia
  486. Dieter Thiessen DKP,* Berlin, Germany
  487. Lesley Thomas, Far Eastern Press
  488. Will Thomas, New Hampshire Veterans For Peace*
  489. Veronika Thomas-Ohst, Vorsitzende Euregioprojekt Frieden e.V.,* Aachen, Germany
  490. James Thompson, Chairperson, Houston Peace Council
  491. James Thring, Founder, Ministry of Peace,* London, UK
  492. Ann Tiffany, Syracuse Peace Council,* New York, USA
  493. Dr. June Terpstra, Faculty, NEIU,* Sun City, Arizona
  494. Toby, Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain)
  495. Roberto Torres-Collazo, Encuentro 5*
  496. Heide Trampus, Coordinator Worker to Worker, Canada-Cuba Labour Solidarity Network,* Toronto, Canada
  497. Loan Tran, Workers World Party,* North Carolina
  498. Wolfgang G. Trapp, PressebA?ro,* Germany
  499. Jamie Trinkle, Campaign & Research Coordinator, Enlace,* USA
  500. Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary, Wold Peace Council
  501. Tracey Tully, Anti-war Sex Worker, Whores Against Wars, The Crown, New Zealand
  502. Kerstin Tuomala, Secretary, Lappland’s District Organization, Finnish Peace Committee*
  503. Mark Ugolini, Socialist Action,* Chicago
  504. Barby Ulmer, President of the Board, Our Developing World, Saratoga, California
  505. Pancho Valdez, President, Resident Council @ Marie McGuire, Texas, USA
  506. Marianne van Ophuijsen, WILPF,* Amsterdam, Nederland
  507. Ana Barbara von Keitz, Handwerkerin, Berliner Arbeitskreis Uran-Munition,* Germany
  508. Joyce Vandevere, Peace Coalition of Monterey County,* California
  509. Stephen Verchinski, Co Chairperson, Green Party of Albuquerque Metropolitain Area (4 Counties),* New Mexico, USA
  510. Urte von Bremen, Friko Berlin,* Germany
  511. Minna Virtanen, Board Member, Hands Off Venezuela – Finland*
  512. Dominikus Vogl, Director, Hainrichs Institute for Peace and Sustainability,* Berlin, Germany
  513. Anton M. Voissem, School Sisters of Notre Dame,* beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  514. Amal Wahda, Arab Women’s Progressive League
  515. Willy Wahl, Seniora.org, Zurich, Switzerland
  516. Monika Rosa Waldkirch, DIE LINKE,* Germany
  517. Roy Walker, Pan-African Perspective,* USA
  518. Benjamin Wallis, Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Truman State University, Missouri
  519. John Walsh, Come Home America,* California
  520. James Walter, President, Walden Three, Wien, Austria
  521. William H. Warrick, M.D., Veterans For Peace Chapter #14;* Alachua County Green Party,* Gainesville, Florida
  522. Joseph Wasserman, Co-Chair, No Nukes No War
  523. C. T. Weber, Legislative Committee Chair, Peace and Freedom Party of California*
  524. Alan Weinerman, Psychoanalytic Marxist Liberation League,* New York
  525. Peter Weinfurth, Journalist, Linke Zeitung,*Ai??Ennepetal, Germany
  526. Vivian Weinstein, JVP,* Denver, Colorado
  527. Kay Weir, Editor, Pacific Ecologist, The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Wellington, New Zealand
  528. Sherry A. Wells, J.D., Michigan, USA
  529. Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council*
  530. Rich Whitney, Vice-Chair, Illinois Green Party, USA
  531. Albert Wight, Intelligence and Consultant/Advisor, Wyoming, USA
  532. Barbara Williams aka Costelli, Co-Founder, Rumble of the People & The Dare To Dream Network, New Mexico, USA
  533. Danny Williams, Co-Founder, Rumble of the People, New Mexico, USA
  534. S. Brian Willson, Author, Activist, Oregon
  535. Gwen Winter, IBEW Local 340,* Sacramento, California
  536. Shirley Winton, Coordinator, Spirit of Eureka (Victoria – Australia)
  537. Sven Wirzbowitz, Schatzmeister, Humanistischer Landesverband ThA?ringen e.V., Jena, Germany
  538. Mike Wisniewski, Los Angeles Catholic Worker*
  539. S. Wolf Britain, Wolf’s Enterprises Human and Civil Rights Advocacy, Montana, USA
  540. Jo Wood, Organizer, Nowar-Paix, Ottawa, Canada
  541. Ann Wright, Retired US Army Reserve Colonel and Former US Diplomat
  542. Caroline Yacoub, County Council, Green Party of Santa Clara County*
  543. Len Yannielli, Community Outreach Director, Gunntown Group (Environment),* Naugatuck, Connecticut
  544. Ali Yerevani, Political Editor, Fire This Time newspaper,* Burnaby, Canada
  545. Omali Yeshitela, Chair, Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, USA
  546. Eddie Yood, Co-Chair, CWA Local 1180 Committee on People with Disabilities,* USA
  547. Alexander Zacharov, Musician, NoWarArt,* Soundstrike Berlin, Germany
  548. Faramak Zahraie, Chief Research Analyst, Roots Of Conflict (ROC), Washington State, USA
  549. Kevin Zeese, Co-Director, Popular Resistance
  550. Manfred Ziegler, Principal, www.balqis.de, Germany
  551. Bernd Zielmann, Independent Filmmaker, Hattingen, Germany
  552. Alex Zollmann, VVN-BdA Ortenau,* BA?hl, Germany
  553. Ilya Zorikhin-Nilsson, International Secretary, Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)
  554. Edik Zwarenstein, Retired Engineer, Society of Energy Professionals,* Ontario, Canada


[*] For identification purposes only.


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