Hands Off Syria Coalition ai??i?? Points of Unity Statement

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice in the U.S. and the World,

We are very pleased to announce that, following a lengthy round of deliberations among several organizations and leading individuals in the peace movement about the urgent need for a broad coalition to oppose war and U.S./NATO intervention for a forced regime change in Syria, numerous organizations and prominent leaders of the peace movement have signed on the Coalitionai??i??s Points of Unity statement and have agreed to cooperate within the framework of an Ad Hoc coalition named Hands Off Syria Coalition.

Our objective is to create the broadest possible united front for peace and justice by peace activists and organizations in the U.S. and around the world to fight for an end all violence, intervention and sanctions against Syria, which is now threatening world peace.

We have attached below our Points of Unity statement for your review. It is our sincere hope that you will also agree with this statement and join this broad coalition, either as an organization or as a pro-peace individual.

We sincerely thank you for considering this invitation, and ask you to kindly distribute this invitation broadly.

Hands Off Syria Coalition


U.S. Hands Off Syria

An Urgent Message for Peace on the Eve of Wider War

We raise our voices against the violence of war and the enormous pressure of war propaganda, lies and hidden agendas that are used to justify this war and every past U.S. war.

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, endorse the following Points of Unity and will work together as an Ad Hoc Coalition to help put an end to the regime change intervention by the United States, NATO and their regional allies and the killing of innocent people in Syria:

  1. The continuation of the war in Syria is the result of a U.S.-orchestrated intervention by the United States, NATO, their regional allies and reactionary forces, the goal of which is regime change in Syria.
  1. This policy of regime change in Syria is illegal and in clear violation of the United Nations Charter, the letter and spirit of international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  1. This policy of forced regime change is threatening the security of the region and the world and has increased the danger of direct confrontation between the United States and Russia, with the potential of a nuclear catastrophe for the whole world.
  1. War and U.S. and EU sanctions have destabilized every sector of Syriaai??i??s economy, transforming a once self-sufficient country into an aid-dependent nation. Half the Syrian population is now displaced. A UN ESCWA report reveals these U.S. sanctions on Syria are crippling aid work during one of the largest humanitarian emergency since World War II. The one third of Syrians refugees in surrounding Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have been hit hard by U.S. cuts to UNICEF. This forces desperate refugees to struggle to reach Europe.
  1. No foreign entity, be it a foreign government or an armed group, has the right to violate the fundamental rights of the Syrian people to independence, national sovereignty and self-determination. This includes the right of the Syrian government to request and accept military assistance from other countries, as even the U.S. government has admitted.
  1. Only the people of Syria have the inalienable right to choose their leaders and determine the character of their government, free from foreign intervention. This right cannot be properly exercised under the conditions of U.S.-orchestrated foreign intervention against the Syrian people.
  1. Our opposition is to forced regime change in Syria by U.S.-backed foreign powers and their mercenaries. It is not our business to support or oppose President Assad or the Syrian government. Only the Syrian people have the right to decide the legitimacy of their government.
  1. The most urgent issue at present is peace and putting an end to the violence of foreign intervention that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the displacement of millions of Syrians both internally or as refugees abroad.

Based on these Points of Unity, we, as individuals and organizationsai??i??in an Ad Hoc Coalitionai??i??agree on the following demands and commit ourselves to working together to help achieve them:

  1. An immediate end to the U.S. policy of forced regime change in Syria and full recognition and compliance by the U.S., NATO and their allies with principles of international law and the U.N. Charter, including respect for the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.
  1. An immediate end to all foreign aggression against Syria, and serious efforts toward a political resolution to the war.
  1. An immediate end to all military, financial, logistical and intelligence support by the U.S., NATO and their regional allies to all foreign mercenaries and extremists in the Middle East region.
  1. An immediate end to economic sanctions against Syria. Massive international aid for displaced people within Syria and Syrian refugees abroad.

Only in a peaceful and independent Syria, free of foreign aggression, can the people of Syria freely exercise their sovereign rights, express their free will and make free choices about their government and their countryai??i??s leadership.

We invite all supporters of peace and peoplesai??i?? right to self-determination around the world to join hands of cooperation in this effort to achieve these most humanitarian demands.

We need jobs, healthcare, education and an end to racist police violence here at home, not U.S. wars abroad!!


Organizational Signers (in alphabetical order):

  1. African Awareness Association, USA
  2. Akademie Solidarische Akademie, Germany
  3. AKF, Germany
  4. Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice (Chicago)
  5. Alliance for Global Justice
  6. Al-Awda ai??i?? Palestine National Right to Return Coalition
  7. All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
  8. All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)
  9. All India Anti-Imperialist Forum, India
  10. Alternative Media ai??i?? Ireland
  11. American Party of Labor
  12. American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), New York
  13. ANSWER Coalition, USA
  14. Antiwar Committee ai??i?? Chicago
  15. Antiwar Committee ai??i?? Minneapolis
  16. Antiwar Committee ai??i?? Tampa
  17. Antiwar Committee ai??i?? Tucson
  18. Antiwar Committee ai??i?? Utah
  19. Anti-War Committee of the Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh
  20. Arab Americans for Syria
  21. Arab Women Organization of Jordan
  22. Arab Women Progressive League
  23. Arbeitskreis fA?r Friedenspolitik – atomwaffenfreies Europa e. V., Berlin, Germany
  24. Arbeitskreis Marburger WisxsenschaftlerInnen fA?r Friedens – und AbrA?stungsforschung (AMW) ai??i?? Germany
  25. Associazione per la Pace di Pordenone, Italy
  26. Attac, Hamburg, Germany
  27. Attac, Hungary
  28. Auszeithaus, Germany
  29. BAYAN ai??i?? Philippine Coalition
  30. Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
  31. Bike Arts Artist/Environment Forum, Toronto, Canada
  32. Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations
  33. Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP), Minnesota, USA
  34. Bristol Open Enquiry into the UK Bombing of Syria, UK
  35. British Afro-Asian Organisation
  36. Buffalo Anti Racism Coalition
  37. Byke4Peace.com
  38. Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD), Australia
  39. Canadian Peace Congress
  40. Casa de las Lenguas, Texas
  41. Chicago Area CodePINK
  42. Citizens of the World ai??i?? Canada
  43. Citizens United for Renewable Energy (CURE), New Jersey, USA
  44. Clarity Press, Inc., Georgia, USA
  45. Coalition of Arab Canadian Professionals and Community Associations
  46. Codepink Golden Gate Chapter, Berkeley, California
  47. Cognitive Liberty, Californian, USA
  48. Collettivo redazionale – La CittAi?? Futura, Giornale comunista on-line, Italy
  49. Columbus Campaign for Arms Control
  50. Comite Surveillance OTAN, Bruxelles, Belgique
  51. The Committee to Stop FBI Repression ai??i?? NYC
  52. Communist Party of Australia ai??i?? Melbourne Branch
  53. Communist Party of Germany (DKP)
  54. Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
  55. Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)
  56. Community Media Trust, Wellington, New Zealand
  57. Conselho PortuguA?s para a Paz e CooperaAi??A?o / Portuguese Council for Peace and Cooperation
  58. Consejo de la juventud de Torrelavega, Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain
  59. Coop Anti-War Cafe, AntikriegTV, Berlin, Germany
  60. CT 9/11 Truth
  61. Countercurrents.org
  62. Cyprus IndyMedia
  63. Dallas Left Alliance
  64. Democracy TV Berlin, Germany
  65. Democracy without Borders, Canada
  66. Deutscher Freidenkerverband, Berlin, Germany
  67. Deutscher Freidenker-Verband, Germany
  68. Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand
  69. Earth Neighborhood
  70. Ecumenical Peace Institute Clergy and Laity Concerned
  71. Ecumenical Women’s Forum ai??i?? Philippines
  72. El Movimiento Meicano Por la Paz Y el Desarollo (MOMPADE) ai??i?? Mexico
  73. Far Eastern Press
  74. Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN, Germany
  75. Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice ai??i?? Canada
  76. FLC-CGIL Trade Union University of Florence (Italy)
  77. Foro Contra la Guerra Imperialista y la OTAN (Spain)
  78. FAi??reningen Syriensolidaritet, Sweden
  79. Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition ai??i?? NYC
  80. Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico
  81. FriedensbA?ndnis Berlin, Germany
  82. Friedensinitiative SA?lz-Klettenberg KAi??ln, Germany
  83. Frome Stop War, UK
  84. Fronte Popolare (Italy)
  85. Galway Alliance Against War, Ireland
  86. Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, USA
  87. Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
  88. Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba, Connecticut
  89. Greater New Haven Peace Council, Connecticut
  90. Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
  91. Hands Off Syria (Australia)
  92. Hands Off Syria – Brisbane, Australia
  93. Handsoff Venezuelaai??i??Finland
  94. HEAL
  95. Hilton Head for Peace, South Carolina
  96. House of Creative Writing, Michigan, USA
  97. Houston Peace Council, USA
  98. Houston Communist Party, USA
  99. Humanistischer Landesverband ThA?ringen e.V., Jena, Germany
  100. Illinois Green Party, USA
  101. ImaginAction Theatre, Sierra Madre, California
  102. Indian Organization Tupaj Amaru (MITA), Bolivia
  103. In Service to Humankind of Planet Earth, Washington DC
  104. International Action Center, New York
  105. International Anti-imperialist Coordinating Committee, Kolkata, India
  106. International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
  107. International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
  108. International Indigenous Society, Georgia, USA
  109. International-Lawyers.Org, Geneva, Switzerland
  110. Internationale Liga fA?r Menschenrechte, Germany
  111. International League of Peoples Struggle ai??i?? U.S.
  112. International Movement for a Just World (JUST), Malaysia
  113. International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Weapons, Germany
  114. Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation, UK
  115. Jersey City Peace Movement, New Jersey, USA
  116. Just Peace Qld Australia
  117. Koalition des Widerstands, Berlin, Germany
  118. Labor Fightback Network, New Jersey, USA
  119. Labor Union Advocates, USA
  120. Liberty From The Lobby, Washington DC
  121. Los Alamos Study Group ai??i?? Arizona
  122. Maine Social Justice ai??i?? Public Access TV Show
  123. Malcolm X Center, New York
  124. Manu Waiata Restoration & Protection Society, Ltd, New Zealand
  125. March 19th Anti-War Coalition (Chicago)
  126. Mariposa Habitat Nursery, Santa Rosa, California
  127. Melbourne May Day Committee, Australia
  128. Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church, Australia
  129. Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
  130. Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) ai??i?? Canada
  131. Movement for People’s Democracy
  132. Movement for People’s Democracy, Los Angeles, California
  133. Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center, California, USA
  134. Multipolar World against War, Berlin, Germany
  135. MA?nchner BA?ndnis gegen Krieg und Rassismus, Germany
  136. MA?tter gegen den Krieg Berlin-Brandenburg
  137. New Afrikan Independence Party (NAIP)
  138. New Jersey Peace Council, USA
  139. New Mexico Intrinsic Human Rights Collaborative, USA
  140. New Orleans Workers Group, USA
  141. News Source, Inc., Newton, Massachusetts
  142. No NATO List, Rome, Italy
  143. No to NATO Gruppe Frankfurt, Germany
  144. No Nukes No War ai??i?? Connecticut
  145. Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Committee
  146. Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice
  147. NoWar ai??i?? Casa internazionale delle donne, Roma, Italy
  148. No War Net ai??i?? Rome, Italy
  149. Nowar-Paix, Ottawa, Canada
  150. Oma, Nokia, Finland
  151. One State Assembly
  152. One World Media, Berlin, Germany
  153. One World Life Systems, New York
  154. Ontario Civil Liberties Association, Canada
  155. Orange County Healthcare For All!
  156. Our Developing World, Saratoga, California
  157. Our Revolution Los Angeles
  158. PAi??dagogInnen fA?r den Frieden, Hamburg, Germany
  159. Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, New York
  160. Party of Communists USA
  161. Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
  162. Patria Socialista, Italy
  163. Pax Christi ai??i?? Clinton, Iowa
  164. PDA Chicago
  165. Peace, Bochum, Germany
  166. Peace Action of San Mateo County, California
  167. Peace and Freedom Party (California)
  168. Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Ireland
  169. Peace Forum Sangerhausen, Germany
  170. Peace Roots Alliance ai??i?? Tennessee
  171. PeaceWorks, Maine
  172. Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC), California
  173. Peoples Organization for Progress
  174. Peoples Video Network, New Jersey, USA
  175. Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND), Denmark
  176. Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League
  177. People Demanding Action, Florida
  178. Peoples’ Liberation Front ai??i?? JVP, Srilanka
  179. Peoples Opposition to War, Imperialism & Racism ai??i?? POWIR (Florida)
  180. Popular Resistance
  181. Popular Committee in Defense of Syria
  182. Portuguese Institute of Higher Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences
  183. Project NatureConnect, Los Angeles, USA
  184. Queers Without Borders ai??i?? Hartford, Connecticut
  185. Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, Wisconsin, USA
  186. Radical Student Union ai??i?? CWRU, Cleveland, Ohio
  187. Redline Syria, Andorra
  188. Rete dei Comunisti, Italy
  189. Return Now Coalition
  190. Revolutionary Communist Group (Britain)
  191. Revolutionary Theory and Action Collective – Journal, Georgia, USA
  192. Rochester Peace Action and Education
  193. Rumble of the People, New Mexico, USA
  194. Samizdat: Socialist Prisoners Project, Wisconsin
  195. San Diego County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party of California
  196. SEC. Rly Pensioners Association of India
  197. Seniora.org, Zurich, Switzerland
  198. Socialist Action
  199. Socialist Action ai??i?? Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste, Canada
  200. Solidarity Iran, USA
  201. SOLVE, Florida, USA
  202. songs4peace, New Jersey, USA
  203. South Asian Fund For Education, Scholarship & Training (SAFEST)
  204. South Coast People For Peace and Justice
  205. Southern Human Rights Organizersai??i?? Conference ai??i?? SHROC
  206. Spirit of Eureka (Victoria – Australia)
  207. St. Pete for Peace
  208. Stop Targeting Ohio Poor
  209. Stop the War Machine
  210. Strength Through Peace, an affiliate of the Fort Collins Community Action Network, Colorado
  211. Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? SDS
  212. Students for a Democratic Society (Angelina College Chapter), Texas
  213. Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Charlotte, North Carolina
  214. Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Clemson SDS
  215. Students for a Democratic Society at University of Houston
  216. Students for a Democratic Society, Salt Lake City, Utah
  217. Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Truman State University, Missouri
  218. Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, Sweden
  219. Swedish Peace Council
  220. Swiss Peace Movement
  221. Syria Solidarity Movement
  222. Syrian American Forum
  223. Syrian American Will Association ai??i?? SAWA
  224. Syrian Social Club Community in the UK (Dr.Ai??Issa Chaer, Co-founder)
  225. Tarrant County Green Party, Forth Worth, Texas
  226. The Expatriates Association of Syrians in Canada
  227. The Organization Syria Solidarity, Stockholm, Sweden
  228. The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Wellington, New Zealand
  229. Topanga Peace Alliance and MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
  230. Umbrella Peace Art, Berlin, Germany
  231. United National Antiwar Coalition ai??i?? UNAC
  232. United Opt Out National
  233. United Steelworkers Local 8751
  234. Uniting for Peace, London, UK
  235. Unleashed (Anarcho-Liberation)
  236. Upstate New York Drone Action
  237. US Friends of the Soviet People
  238. U.S. Peace Council
  239. ver.di, Braunschweig, Germany
  240. Veterans for Peace Chapter 15, Tallahasseee, Florida
  241. Veterans For Peace Chapter 21, Northern New Jersey
  242. Veterans For Peace Chapter 34, NYC
  243. Veterans for Peace Chapter 47, Western Pennsylvania
  244. Veterans For Peace, Don & Sally-Alice Thompson Chapter 63, Albuquerqe, New Mexico
  245. Veterans For Peace Chapter 71, Sonoma County, California
  246. Veterans For Peace Chapter 109, Washington State
  247. Veterans For Peace Chapter 111, Bellingham, Washington State
  248. Veterans for Peace ai??i?? Ireland
  249. Veteranstoday.com, Arizona
  250. Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
  251. Villas de la Playa Vega baja, Puerto Rico
  252. Walden Three, Wien, Austria
  253. War is Unacceptable to Consciousness
  254. Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, Chicago
  255. Whores Against Wars, New Zealand
  256. Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
  257. WisxsenschaftlerInnen fA?r Friedens – und AbrA?stungsforschung (AMW) ai??i?? Germany
  258. Wolf’s Enterprises Human and Civil Rights Advocacy
  259. Women Against Military Madness ai??i?? WAMM
  260. Women for Peace, Finland
  261. Workers World Party
  262. World 5.0
  263. World Peace Council (WPC)
  264. WA?rselener Initiative fA?r den Frieden, Germany
  265. www.balqis.de
  266. Zeitpunkt Magazine, Switzerland
  267. Zimbabwe Pan Africanist Youth Agenda


Individual Signers (in alphabetical order):

  1. Matti Aalto, Secretary of Oulus District, Communist Party of Finland*
  2. Jim Abourezk, Former U.S. Senator, South Dakota
  3. Judith Ackerman, WIB,* New York
  4. Jairo Aja Garcia, Ex-vicepresidente, Consejo de la juventud de Torrelavega, Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain
  5. Kevin Akin, State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party (California), USA
  6. Arena Alessio, General Secretary, Fronte Popolare,* Italy
  7. Charles Altman, Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project,* Michigan
  8. Akubundu Amazu, Central Committee Member, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
  9. Hashim Al-Malki, FAi??reningen Syriensolidaritet, Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Robert Anderson, Co-Director, Stop the War Machine
  11. Tim Anderson, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney,* Australia
  12. Dietrich Antelmann, Diplomkameralist, Mitglied beim Komitee fA?r Grundrechte und Demokratie,* Potsdam, Germany
  13. Michael Anthony, Lightning Ledge,* Crete, Illinois
  14. Masad Arbid, M.D., Arab – Americans for Syria*
  15. Alessio Arena, Political Secretary, Fronte Popolare, Italy
  16. Mohammed Arif, General Secretary, British Afro-Asian Organisation
  17. Hector Aristizabal, Director, ImaginAction Theatre, Sierra Madre, California
  18. Lee Artz, Professor, Media Studies, Purdue Northwest,* Indiana
  19. Kenneth Ashe, Veterans for Peace,* Marshall, North Carolina
  20. Karen Ashikeh, Founder, Earth Neighborhood, Fremont, California
  21. Christopher Assad, The Expatriates Association of Syrians in Canada
  22. Margli Auclair, Director, Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center, Walnut Creek, California
  23. Dr. Georg Auernheimer, Univ. Prof. em., Internationale Liga fA?r Menschenrechte
  24. Steffen AumA?ller, FriedensbA?ndnis Berlin, Mitglied DIE LINKE, Germany
  25. Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan Africa News Wire
  26. Kazem Azin, Co-founder, Solidarity Iran ai??i?? SI, USA
  27. Adam Baker, Chairperson, Hands Off Syria ai??i?? Brisbane, Australia
  28. Alli Baker, Pastor, Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ, Chicago
  29. Ekkehard Basten, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear Weapons,* Berlin, Germany
  30. Richard Baker, Fronte Popolare, Italy
  31. Ajama Baraka, Human Rights Defender, USA
  32. William Barklay, In Service to Humankind of Planet Earth, Washington DC, USA
  33. Peter Barrett, President, Pacific Institute of Resource Management,* Wellington, New Zealand
  34. Thomas Baxter, President, Veterans for Peace Chapter 15, Florida
  35. Mary Beaudoin, Women Against Military Madness,* Minnesota, USA
  36. Daniel Becker, Deutscher Freidenker Verband,* Berlin, Germany
  37. Dr. Johannes Mari Becker, Senior Researcher, Arbeitskreis Marburger, Germany
  38. Vanessa Beeley, Independent Journalist and Photographer
  39. Mike Beilstein, City Councilor,* Corvallis, Oregon
  40. Romina Beitseen, Secretary, Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament (CICD), Australia
  41. Judith Bello, Member of Admin Committee, UNAC; Rochester Peace Action and Education
  42. Narimen Beneddine, Project Assistant , North-South Centre of the Council of Europe,* Lisbon, Portugal
  43. Matyas Benyik,Ai??Chairperson, ATTAC Hungary
  44. William Bianchi, Chair, PDA Chicago
  45. Thomas Bias, National Secretary, Labor Fightback Network, New Jersey, USA
  46. Olga Bidshijewa, Verdi, S21-Gegner,* Stutgart, Germany
  47. Toby BlomAi??, CODEPINK, SF Bay Area Chapter,* California, USA
  48. Max Bollock, Board Member, San Mateo County Peace Action,* USA
  49. Timothy Bood, Nova Scotia Cuba Association,* Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network,* Halifax, Canada
  50. Anne Bowers, Women in Black,* New York, USA
  51. Mattie Boyd, Workers World Party,* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  52. Vincenzo Branid, Spokesman, No War Net / No NATO List ai??i?? Rome (Italy)
  53. Jimmy Brash, Editorial Board Member, The North Star website,* Parsippany-Troy Hills, new Jersey
  54. Manfred Braun, Member of Local Speaker Council, DIE LINKE,* BrA?hl (Baden), Germany
  55. Charles Britz, Appalachian Left,* Huntington, West Virginia
  56. Keith Brooks, UFT Retiree, NWU,* New York, USA
  57. Bob Brown, Organizer, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) ai??i?? USA
  58. Vincenzo Brandi, Spokesman, No War Net Rome / No NATO List ai??i?? Italy
  59. Daniel Brown, Director, Rite of Strings, Modern Guitar Tuition, Cockburn Central, Australia
  60. Annette Brownlie, President, Just Peace Qld Australia
  61. Minnie Bruce Pratt, UAW Local 1981/ National Writers Union*
  62. Kim Bryan, General Secretary,* Socialist Labour Party (Great Britain)
  63. Ai??Jacob Bryant, National Director, Movement for People’s Democracy, New York
  64. Heinrich Buecker, Initiator, Coop Anti-War Cafe, AntikriegTV, Berlin, Germany
  65. Doug Bullock, Legislator, Albany County,* USA
  66. Kerry Burch, Professor, Northern Illinois University,* USA
  67. Mark Burton, Member of the Board, Alliance for Global Justice
  68. Gregory Butterfield, National Organization of Legal Services Workers, UAW Local 2320,* New York, USA
  69. Mike Caggiano, President, Peace Action of San Mateo County, California
  70. Traian Cainaru, USFSP,* New York, USA
  71. Luke Callinan, Political Organiser, Sinn FAi??in,* Ireland
  72. Candace Carnicelli, Executive Director, Common Peace,* California, USA
  73. Alfonse Casal, National Spokesperson, American Party of Labor
  74. Elizabeth Case, Dorchester People for Peace,* Boston, Massachusetts
  75. Isabelle Casel, Die Linke,* WIIS,* attac DPG,* Bonn, Germany
  76. Liane Casten, Co-Chair, Citizens Act to Protect Our Water (CAPOW!)*
  77. John Catalinotto, Managing Editor, Workers World newspaper,* USA
  78. Sara Catalinotto, Delegate, UFT Local 2/MORE Caucus,* New York
  79. John Chadwick, Magistrate of Visa Application,* Bellingham, Sashington State
  80. Dr. Issa Chaer, Syria Solidarity Movement
  81. Frank Chapman, Field organizer, Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression*
  82. Courtney Childs, CCDS, Corvallis Chapter,* Oregon
  83. Edward Childs, Chief-Steward, Unite-Here Local 26,* Massachusetts, USA
  84. K. R. Chowdry, President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum, Kokata, India
  85. Travis Christal, CPA, Tarrant County Green Party, Forth Worth, Texas
  86. Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General & Human Rights Attorney
  87. Polet Claudine, Comite Surveillance OTAN, Bruxelles, Belgique
  88. Richard Clement, President, Tom Sturtevant Chapter 001, Maine Veterans For Peace*
  89. Roger Cole, Chair, Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Ireland
  90. Diana G. Collier, Editorial Director, Clarity Press, Inc., Georgia, USA
  91. Lynn Comerford, Professor, California State University ai??i?? East Bay*
  92. Mary Compton, Co-Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council,* Connecticut
  93. Shahid Comrade, Secretary General, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, New York
  94. Gerry Condon, National Board Vice President, Veterans For Peace*
  95. James Connolly, Administrator, Connecticut Progressives FB Page
  96. Sheila Coombes, Founder and Coorinator, Frome Stop War, UK
  97. John Cooper, Professor of Chemistry (Retired), Pennsylvania
  98. Len Cooper, Melbourne May Day Committee, Australia
  99. Renato Corsetti, Progresemaj Esperantistoj (Progressive Esperanto Speakers),* London, UK
  100. Heather Cottin, Long Island Committee Against US Wars,* Freeport, New York
  101. Ian Cox,Ai??Vice-Chair, Students for a Democratic Society (Angelina College Chapter), Texas
  102. Lynn Comerford, Professor, California State University,* East Bay, California
  103. Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea, Founder & Pastor One World Life Systems, New York
  104. Tim Craine, Secretary, Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba, Connecticut
  105. Bernadette Cronin-Geller, Brandywine Peace Community,* Philadelphia
  106. Cheryl Curtis, Ct 9/11 Truth
  107. Christine Curtiss, Arlington Street Church,* Boston, Massachusetts
  108. Margaretta D’Arcy, Chair, Women in Media and Entertainment (WIME),* Galway, Ireland
  109. Kenneth Dalton, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21,* New Jersey, U.S.A.
  110. Angelo D’Angelo, Chairperson, US Friends of the Soviet People, Staten Island, NY
  111. Claudine Dauphin, Archaeologist and Historian of the Middle East, Paris, France
  112. Nicolas J. S. Davies, Author of Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq, Florida, USA
  113. Erin Davis, Ancaster Discovery Gardens,* Ancaster, Canada
  114. Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, UAW 1981,* New York
  115. Ian Decker, National Organizer, Students for a Democratic Society (National);* Organizer, Students for a Democratic Society @UofU,* Utah
  116. Kimberly DeFranco, Welfare Rights Committee,* Minnesota, USA
  117. Luana DeJesus, Buffalo Anti Racism Coalition, New York, USA
  118. Joe Delaplaine, Organizer, Party for Socialism and Liberation,* California
  119. Francesco Delledonne, International Relations Secretary, Fronte Popolare (Italy)
  120. Judith Deutsch, Past President, Science for Peace,* Toronto, Canada
  121. Kate Dewes, Coordinator, Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand
  122. Jadranka Dierkes, Peace, Bochum, Germany
  123. Lucas Dietsche, Organizer, Samizdat: Socialist Prisoners Project, Wisconsin
  124. Selena Di Francescantonio, Fronte Popolare,* Italy
  125. Cheryl Distaso, Coordinator, Strength Through Peace, an affiliate of the Fort Collins Community Action Network, Colorado
  126. Said Dodin, GrA?nder, One World Media, Berlin, Germany
  127. Curtis Doebbler, Officer, International-Lawyers.Org, Geneva, Switzerland
  128. Denis Doherty, National Coordinator, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition
  129. Arthur Donart, Deacon, Pax Christi ai??i?? Clinton, Iowa
  130. Ute Donner, Artist, Umbrella Peace Art,* Berlin, Germany
  131. Paul Dordal, Secretary, Veterans For Peace ai??i?? Pittsburgh,* Pennsylvania
  132. Michael Drohan Anti-War Committee of the Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh
  133. Nicolas Dryansky, UNAC,* New York
  134. Henry Duke, M.D., Founder, Medical Director, Orange County Healthcare for All!, California
  135. Mary Catherine Dundon, SSND, Retired, School Sisters of Notre Dame,* Wisconsin
  136. Frank Dorrel, Publisher, ADDICTED To WAR, California, USA
  137. Nicolas Dryansky, UNAC,* New York
  138. Henry Duke, M.D., Medical Director, Orange County Healthcare For All!
  139. Berthony Dupont, Haiti LibertAi?? Newspaper,* New York, USA
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  506. Marianne van Ophuijsen, WILPF,* Amsterdam, Nederland
  507. Ana Barbara von Keitz, Handwerkerin, Berliner Arbeitskreis Uran-Munition,* Germany
  508. Joyce Vandevere, Peace Coalition of Monterey County,* California
  509. Stephen Verchinski, Co Chairperson, Green Party of Albuquerque Metropolitain Area (4 Counties),* New Mexico, USA
  510. Urte von Bremen, Friko Berlin,* Germany
  511. Minna Virtanen, Board Member, Hands Off Venezuela – Finland*
  512. Dominikus Vogl, Director, Hainrichs Institute for Peace and Sustainability,* Berlin, Germany
  513. Anton M. Voissem, School Sisters of Notre Dame,* beaver Dam, Wisconsin
  514. Amal Wahda, Arab Women’s Progressive League
  515. Willy Wahl, Seniora.org, Zurich, Switzerland
  516. Monika Rosa Waldkirch, DIE LINKE,* Germany
  517. Roy Walker, Pan-African Perspective,* USA
  518. Benjamin Wallis, Students for a Democratic Society ai??i?? Truman State University, Missouri
  519. John Walsh, Come Home America,* California
  520. James Walter, President, Walden Three, Wien, Austria
  521. William H. Warrick, M.D., Veterans For Peace Chapter #14;* Alachua County Green Party,* Gainesville, Florida
  522. Joseph Wasserman, Co-Chair, No Nukes No War
  523. C. T. Weber, Legislative Committee Chair, Peace and Freedom Party of California*
  524. Alan Weinerman, Psychoanalytic Marxist Liberation League,* New York
  525. Peter Weinfurth, Journalist, Linke Zeitung,*Ai??Ennepetal, Germany
  526. Vivian Weinstein, JVP,* Denver, Colorado
  527. Kay Weir, Editor, Pacific Ecologist, The Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Wellington, New Zealand
  528. Sherry A. Wells, J.D., Michigan, USA
  529. Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council*
  530. Rich Whitney, Vice-Chair, Illinois Green Party, USA
  531. Albert Wight, Intelligence and Consultant/Advisor, Wyoming, USA
  532. Barbara Williams aka Costelli, Co-Founder, Rumble of the People & The Dare To Dream Network, New Mexico, USA
  533. Danny Williams, Co-Founder, Rumble of the People, New Mexico, USA
  534. S. Brian Willson, Author, Activist, Oregon
  535. Gwen Winter, IBEW Local 340,* Sacramento, California
  536. Shirley Winton, Coordinator, Spirit of Eureka (Victoria – Australia)
  537. Sven Wirzbowitz, Schatzmeister, Humanistischer Landesverband ThA?ringen e.V., Jena, Germany
  538. Mike Wisniewski, Los Angeles Catholic Worker*
  539. S. Wolf Britain, Wolf’s Enterprises Human and Civil Rights Advocacy, Montana, USA
  540. Jo Wood, Organizer, Nowar-Paix, Ottawa, Canada
  541. Ann Wright, Retired US Army Reserve Colonel and Former US Diplomat
  542. Caroline Yacoub, County Council, Green Party of Santa Clara County*
  543. Len Yannielli, Community Outreach Director, Gunntown Group (Environment),* Naugatuck, Connecticut
  544. Ali Yerevani, Political Editor, Fire This Time newspaper,* Burnaby, Canada
  545. Omali Yeshitela, Chair, Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, USA
  546. Eddie Yood, Co-Chair, CWA Local 1180 Committee on People with Disabilities,* USA
  547. Alexander Zacharov, Musician, NoWarArt,* Soundstrike Berlin, Germany
  548. Faramak Zahraie, Chief Research Analyst, Roots Of Conflict (ROC), Washington State, USA
  549. Kevin Zeese, Co-Director, Popular Resistance
  550. Manfred Ziegler, Principal, www.balqis.de, Germany
  551. Bernd Zielmann, Independent Filmmaker, Hattingen, Germany
  552. Alex Zollmann, VVN-BdA Ortenau,* BA?hl, Germany
  553. Ilya Zorikhin-Nilsson, International Secretary, Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)
  554. Edik Zwarenstein, Retired Engineer, Society of Energy Professionals,* Ontario, Canada


[*] For identification purposes only.


Individual Endorsements:

(List in Formationai??i??Listed in Order Received)

[*] For identification purposes only.

  1. Christina Campbel, New Jersey, USA
  2. Josephine Perry, California, USA
  3. Adam Nation, New Jersey, USA
  4. Jane Christenson, Washington State, USA
  5. Karima Lemmens, Brussels, Belgium
  6. Deana Willians, Iowa, USA
  7. Priya Singh, New York, USA
  8. Jeffrey Sarles, Illinois, USA
  9. Primitivo Racimo, Illinois, USA
  10. Michael Baker, Lincoln, UK
  11. Christal Whitt, Louisiana, USA
  12. Kevin Lindemann, Illinois, USA
  13. John Prewitt, Texas, USA
  14. Robert Keilbach, New York, USA
  15. Michael Amin, California, USA
  16. Kelly Studholme, Virginia, USA
  17. Miriam Kurland, Massachusetts, USA
  18. Karen MacRae, Toronto, Canada
  19. Tony Soldo, Florida, USA
  20. Sophie Stephenson, Bonnyrigg, UK
  21. Arnar Steinson, HafnafjAi??rAi??ur, Iceland
  22. Scott Duncan, North Carolina, USA
  23. Jonathan Lyle, North Carolina, USA
  24. Blair Bertaccini, New York, USA
  25. Doran Hunter, Arizona, USA
  26. Sean Orr, Wisconsin, USA
  27. Pam Krimsky, New York, USA
  28. Jessica Eden, NORTH CAROLINA, USA
  29. Beth Angel, Connecticut, USA
  30. Austin Passiment, Virginia, USA
  31. Lisa Greenleaf, Connecticut, USA
  32. Nancy Jakubiak, Kentucky, USA
  33. Rene Prieto Polymeris, Texas, USA
  34. Chanendra Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal
  35. Mustafa Amir Ahmed, Ottawa, Canada
  36. Carol Holland, California, USA
  37. Ariel Paz, Utah, USA
  38. Nancy Hammond
  39. Dina, Salha, Ontario, Canada
  40. Sally Parker, California, USA
  41. Sean Mulligan, Georgia, USA
  42. Constance Penn, Oregon, USA
  43. Randhir Singh, Maharashtra, India
  44. Richard Reilly, Illinois, USA
  45. Jonathan Boyne, Hawaii, USA
  46. Gregory Elich
  47. V & E Clay, Portugal
  48. Heidi Uppgaard, Minnesota, USA
  49. Akira Asada, Takarazuka, Canada
  50. Julia Ganson, New York, USA
  51. Edward Juillard, Illinois, USA
  52. Sand Fessler, New York, USA
  53. Betty Wolfson, Massachusetts. USA
  54. Satinath Choudhary, New York, USA
  55. Beverly Williams, Retired Teacher, Oregon, USA
  56. Caroline Knight, South Carolina, USA
  57. Melinda Power, Illinois, USA
  58. Ron Khoury, California, USA
  59. Magdalena Melter, Heidelberg, Germany
  60. Stephanie Bilenko, Illinois, USA
  61. Ann Joseph, Illinois, USA
  62. Patsy Lowe, California, USA
  63. Mrs. Martha Armas, New York, USA
  64. Joseph Manfredi, California, USA
  65. Immanuel Ness, New York, USA
  66. Miriam and Juern-Hinrich Volkmann, Germany
  67. Beverly Walter, Illinois, USA
  68. Jerald Davidson, Wisconsin, USA
  69. Chris Enock
  70. Behrouz Talali, California, USA
  71. Gabrielle Verdier, Les Lilas, France
  72. Steve McKeown, Minnesota, USA
  73. Elder & Minister Chicahuac, Kansas, USA
  74. Paul Teitelbaum, Arizona, USA
  75. Michael Gruber, California, USA
  76. Rael Nidess, M.D., Texas, USA
  77. Diane Steele, Minnesota, USA
  78. Mavis Belisle, Texas, USA
  79. Dr. Jay Gilbert, New York, USA
  80. Dorothy Brockway, Oregon, USA
  81. Vincenzo Russo, Medic, Cesena, Italy
  82. Ms. Mirian Cruz, Californai, USA
  83. Maret Ekner, Sweden
  84. Fadi Abdul Hai, New York, USA
  85. Dr. Bob Hanson, California, USA
  86. John Mesler, New Jersey, USA
  87. Rick Staggenborg, M.D., Oregon, USA
  88. Christian Rivera, New York, USA
  89. Michael Meredith, California, USA
  90. Denise Lewis, Michigan, USA
  91. George Desnoyers, Massachusetts, USA
  92. W. Gary Johnson, New York, USA
  93. John Nettleton, Oregon, USA
  94. Ursula Mathern, Merxheim, Germany
  95. Rod Hojat, Ohio, USA
  96. Florence Steichen, Minnesota, USA
  97. Christian Beyer, TromsA?, Norway
  98. Stig-Lennart Johanson, Holmsund, Sweden
  99. William Vannatta, Florida, USA
  100. Mike Trajkovic, New York, USA
  101. Sue Bastian, Oregon, USA
  102. Carl Nigro, Illinois, USA
  103. Mary Finneran, New York, USA
  104. Francisco Nunes, Portugal
  105. John Estes, Alabama, USA
  106. Richard Roper, UK
  107. Kevin Chamberlin, Massachusetts, USA
  108. Rev. James Swarts, New York, USA
  109. Paul Lacey, Basingstoke, UK
  110. Carmen Renieri, Artist, Esslingen, Germany
  111. Emil Nasr
  112. Nancy Gillard-Bartels, California, USA
  113. Jeffrey Laubach, Pennsylvania, USA
  114. Ernie Goitein, California, USA
  115. Kathy Lipscomb, California, USA
  116. David Lorig, Colorado, USA
  117. Bill Shpikula, Toronto, Canada
  118. Catherine Orloff, Rhode Island, USA
  119. John and Martha Stolternberg, Wisconsin, USA
  120. Simin Bokharaiee, Regina, Canada
  121. Janet Contursi
  122. Robert Hutchings, Camberley, UK
  123. LynnMarie Berntson, Minnesota, USA
  124. Susan Gillette, Michigan, USA
  125. Suzanne Sparks, California, USA
  126. Ross Rowley, Minnesota, USA
  127. Victor Jasin, London, Canada
  128. Michiko Bickelman, Illinois, USA
  129. Mike Beyers, Digmarc Transactions, Chiba, Japan
  130. Bonni McKeown, Illinois, USA
  131. Jan Boudart, Illinois, USA
  132. Khaled Bizri, California, USA
  133. Chrys Ballerano, New York, USA
  134. Anne Lossing, Flores, Peten
  135. Cindy Davis, Connecticut, USA
  136. Thomas Oberhofer, Obersuessbach, Germany
  137. Stephanie Hoffman, New Jersey, USA
  138. Ernest Coitein, California, USA
  139. Mrs. Bonnie Hong, Connecticut, USA
  140. David Lowen, Oregon, USA
  141. Cam Zanin, London, UK
  142. Daniel Wirt, M.D., Texas, USA
  143. Aleta Cooper, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
  144. Susan Grant, Durham, UK
  145. Christopher Reed, New York, USA
  146. Eddie Farrel, London, UK
  147. Jill Pyeatt, California, USA
  148. Bill Sorem, Minnesota, USA
  149. Seth Farber, Ph.D., New York, USA
  150. Lorna VanderZanden, Virginia, USA
  151. John Warne
  152. Nadeja Aletkina, Kingston, Canada
  153. Catherine Lignza, Massachusetts, USA
  154. David Rennie, Hamilton, Canada
  155. Fred Mrozek, Illinois, USA
  156. Rob Prince, Colorado, USA
  157. Stephen Wright
  158. Ayesha Gill, IWW,* California, USA
  159. Amir M. Masoumi, Cote-St-Luc, Canada
  160. Michael Shaw, California, USA
  161. Mikael Martinsson, MAi??lndal, Sweden
  162. Marcel Ellis, Bangkok, Thailand
  163. Suzan Zuhair, Damascus, Syria
  164. Charles, W. Philip, New York, USA
  165. Annette Lengyel, Calgary, Canada
  166. Tomer Danan, London, UK
  167. Deniz Temiz, Turkey
  168. Hugo vd Kuil, Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland
  169. Don Moody, Edmonton, Canada
  170. Larissa Kilmetieva, Canberra, Australia
  171. Massimo Denaro, Ragusa, Italy
  172. Michael Reisch, North Carolina, USA
  173. Marlene Obeid, Glebe, Australia
  174. Peter Berkowitz, Massachusetts, USA
  175. Edwin Wilson
  176. Daneil Brown, Rite of Strings, Cockburn Central, Australia
  177. Maria Luttjeboer, South Africa
  178. Helene Matz, Olen, Rogaland
  179. Laura Welch, Indiana, USA
  180. Thomas Dickinson, Minnesotta, USA
  181. J. Michael Springmann, Law Office of J. Michael Springmannn PLLC, Washington DC, USA
  182. Rania Akhras, Syria
  183. Dorrine Marshall, California, USA
  184. Dario Zapata, Massachusetts, USA
  185. Judy Meyer, Texas, USA
  186. Roger Opener, California, USA
  187. Zoubaida Alkadri, Michigan, USA
  188. Michael Anthony, Illinois, USA
  189. Nancy Jakubak, Kentucky, USA
  190. Ali Mallah, Toronto, Canada
  191. Ana, Connecticut, USA
  192. Alice Strum Sutter, New York, USA
  193. Alfred Molison, Texas, USA
  194. Taryn Fivek, New York, USA
  195. Scott Moen, Minnesota, USA
  196. Espoir Manirambona, Ottawa, Canada
  197. Joel Northam, New York, USA
  198. Ben Reynolds, USA
  199. Sam Holloway, Illinois, USA
  200. Sam Rogers, Tennessee, USA
  201. Ani Manoukian, Ninove, Belgium
  202. Majid Darwish
  203. William Hopkins, Washington State, USA
  204. Judy Robbins, Maine, USA
  205. Elisha Belmont, California, USA
  206. Mike Scarpa, Illinois, USA
  207. Mansoor Bangash, Birmingham, West Midlands
  208. Steven Friel, Pennsylvania, USA
  209. A. Sparkelaar, The Netherlands
  210. Rosa Perez, Carolina, Puerto Rico
  211. Ben Norton, New York, USA
  212. Adnan Popara, BihaAi??, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  213. Linda Nelford, Utah, USA
  214. Mary Lee, North Carolina, USA
  215. Ivonne Padilla, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
  216. Moaaz Saleh, Preston, Lancashire, England
  217. Harvey Markowitz
  218. Kathleen Villaire, Michigan, USA
  219. Ms. Richenda Kramer, New York, USA
  220. Anik Bhattacharya, Florida, USA
  221. Matthew Reeves, Guelph, Canada
  222. Joseph Milum, California, USA
  223. Doug Noble, New York, USA
  224. Anthony Black, Independent Journalist, Hamilton, Canada
  225. Dr. Harvey Thorstad, Oregon, USA
  226. Iran Parker, New Hampshire, USA
  227. Robert Redwoodhippie Palmer, Minnesota, USA
  228. Roxane von Gerber Hdayat, SkarpnAi??ck, Sweden
  229. Darlene Poor, Missouri, USA
  230. Henry Assad, Ottawa, Canada
  231. Samuel Lopez, Nevada, USA
  232. Gerhard Mertschenk, Berlin, Germany
  233. Dave Bicking, Minnesota, USA
  234. Lorilee House, California, USA
  235. Winston Warfield, Veterans For Peace,* Massachusetts, USA
  236. Zvonimir LevaA?iAi??, Croatia
  237. Chris Jackson, Colorado, USA
  238. Avin Dirki, SAWA, New Jersey, USA
  239. James Cates, Washington State, USA
  240. Wilhelm Schulze-Barantin, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  241. Nydia Leaf, New York, USA
  242. Bill sorem, Minnesota, USA
  243. William Whitney, Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine,* USA
  244. Kaspar Sloth, Copenhagen, Denmark
  245. T. Fernandez, California, USA
  246. Carl Rising-Moore, Central Philippines, State University,* Abankalan, Philippines
  247. Tom Shepherd
  248. Joe Reilly, New Jersey, USA
  249. Zuhair Al-Atwi, New York, USA
  250. Bojana Bojanovic, Copenhagen, Denmark
  251. Sherry Bonner, Maryland, USA
  252. Susan Epstein, New York, USA
  253. Raphael Wakefield, New York, USA
  254. Jacob Sabat, New York, USA
  255. Carol Zaman, Montreal, Canada
  256. Evan Ravitz, Colorado, USA
  257. Edik Zwarenstein, Toronto, Canada
  258. Dr. roger Kotila, California, USA
  259. Ms. Mickail Farrin, Colorado, USA
  260. Jelica Roland, Buzet
  261. Sally-Alice Thompson, New Mexico, USA
  262. Hilda Richey, Wisconsin, USA
  263. Misty Rowan, Minnesota, USA
  264. Rene Parsons, Maine, USA
  265. Nicholas Reed
  266. Nilsa Ferrer, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico
  267. Gwendolyn Suehunu, Maryland, USA
  268. Bill Nicholson, Haywards Heath, UK
  269. Riaaz Booley, Cape Town, South Africa
  270. William Grosh, California, USA
  271. Mark Matthews, Vancouver, Canada
  272. Deborra Low, Oregon, USA
  273. Doris and George Pumphrey, Berlin, Germany
  274. Bernhard Trautvetter, Teacher, Trade Unionist, Essen, Germany
  275. Dragan Pavlovic, University Professor, Paris, France
  276. Greg Firmstone, High School Teacher, Gympie, Australia
  277. Jill Rowan, Glasgow, Scotland
  278. Albrecht Ludlof, Deutscher Freidenkerverband, Germany
  279. Timothy Kaminski, Missouri, USA
  280. Stephanie Damm, Berlin, Germany
  281. Stelle Sheller, Pennsylvania, USA
  282. Elke Zwinge-makamizile, Berlin, Germany
  283. Andreas SchlA?ter, Berlin, Germany
  284. Sharon Powel, Minnesota, USA
  285. Gernot Sterling, Bonn, Germany
  286. Jutta Kausch-Henken, Berlin, Germany
  287. Heinz Eckel, Berlin, Germany
  288. Richard L. Giovanoni, Illinois, USA
  289. Anna Doumanas, Berlin, Germany
  290. Nielz Lenz, Texas, USA
  291. Gary Anderson, Colorado, USA
  292. L. Kent Bendall, Connecticut, USA
  293. Jackie DiSalvo, New York, USA
  294. Dr. Anthony Gronowicz, New York, USA
  295. Coleen Doran, Whitby, UK
  296. Amy Meyers, Illinois, USA
  297. John Peters, Michigan, USA
  298. Ellen Kirshbaum, New York, USA
  299. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Weil, Illinois, USA
  300. Roger Harris, California, USA
  301. Mary lawrence, Florida, USA
  302. Ms. Ann Ruthsdottir, Maine, USA
  303. John Brown, IT Retiree, Novelist, Virginia, USA
  304. Doris and George Pumphrey, Berlin, Germany
  305. Sally-Alice Thompson, New Mexico, USA
  306. Leonore Schroeder, Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
  307. Mr. Terry Phelan, New York, USA
  308. Elias Davidsson, Kirchen, Germany
  309. Myra Sidrassi, Munich, Germany
  310. John Spritzler, Massachusetts, USA
  311. Juergen Stuttner, Siegen, Germany
  312. Leonard Kacanga, Friedrichsthal, Germany
  313. Paige Robinson, Georgia, USA
  314. Mona Goode, Washington State, USA
  315. Linda Greene, Indiana, USA
  316. Ulrich Streffing, Cologne, Germany
  317. Anthony Gratrex, Bracknell, UK
  318. Gunter Schenk, Strasbourg, France
  319. Michael Gabriel, Florida, USA
  320. Ulrich Mies, Political Scientist, Vaals, Netherland
  321. Eva Tramontana, Munich, Germany
  322. John duddy, Calgary, Canada
  323. Mrs. Jody Fritzke, Minnesota, USA
  324. Joseph Clifford
  325. Maria Elena Mesa, Toronto, Canada
  326. Sr. Lewis Patrie, Noeth Carolina, USA
  327. James Appleton
  328. Rebecca Mosher, Teacher, Ohio, USA
  329. HA?seyin Kabadayi
  330. Jane Christ, Georgia, USA
  331. Vincent Colletti, New York, USA
  332. Steven Kostis, The God Is Dead Theology Movement, New York, USA
  333. Vincent Collletti, New York, USA
  334. Peter Gunther, Illinois, USA
  335. Ms. Isabel Baltazar, Massachusetts, USA
  336. Angelika Roll, Berlin, Germany
  337. Herbert Rubisch, Berlin, Germany
  338. James King, South Melbourne, Australia
  339. Petra Scharrelmann, Bremen, Germany
  340. Michel Labelle, Montreal, Canada
  341. Yolanda Birdwell, Texas, USA
  342. Daniel Azar
  343. Khalil Joulak
  344. Bernadette Evangelist, New York, USA
  345. Chris Clark, Washington State, USA
  346. Rod Hojat, Ohio, USA
  347. James Cockcroft, Author
  348. Bob Stuart, Spiritwood, Canada
  349. Diana Cumming, Minnesota, USA
  350. Rosaura Sanchez, Professor, California, USA
  351. Skip Slivak, Ohio, USA
  352. Paul O’Hanlon, NU, Edinburgh, UK
  353. Mike Powers, HAi??sselby, Sweden
  354. Helen Slimmond
  355. John McArthur, Glasgow, Scotland
  356. Dalal Musa, Virginia, USA
  357. Nasser Iraniha, Scripps,* Lemon Grove, Canada
  358. Joseph Vella, California, USA
  359. Ms.Toni Caldwell Clark, Kansas, USA
  360. Matthew Allen, Ota-ku, Japan
  361. Diane Shaughnessy, Washington State, USA
  362. Anthony Gratrex, Bracknell, UK
  363. Shirin Tavallae,Ai??Gothenburg, Swede
  364. Serge Arakeli, Doonside, Australia
  365. Nassy Fesharaki, PWAC (student),* Writer, Filmmaker, Toronto, Canada
  366. Sonja Kotlica, Washington DC, USA
  367. Laura Wilder, Texas, USA
  368. Doug McMichael, Maine, USA
  369. Dada Vecerin, Germany
  370. Paul Barbara, London, UK
  371. Denise Keats, Nevada, USA
  372. Colin Smith, Aylesbury, United Kingdom
  373. Nakle Awad, Political Activist, Pennsylvania, USA
  374. Ed Benner, Indiana, USA
  375. Robert Welch, Texas, USA
  376. Jean Mont-Eton, California, USA
  377. Carlos Parrilla Martinez, Melbourne, Australia
  378. Brandon Barnard, Maryland, USA
  379. Elisabeth Anne Manning, New Mexico, USA
  380. Siamak Vossoughi, California, USA
  381. Mira Talbott-Pope, California, USA
  382. Badralsadat Madani, south Carolina, USA
  383. Eeo Stubblefield, Farmer, Kat the Kid Farm, New York, USA
  384. Kathryn Christian, Colorado, USA
  385. Nicolas Royer-Artuso, PhD Student, Laval University, Montreal, Canada
  386. Kenneth Anderson, North Carolina, USA
  387. Gene Johnson, Virginia, USA
  388. Dominic Jermano
  389. MaryAnne Fratelli, South Carolina, USA
  390. Nichoals Heer, Washington State, USA
  391. Luis F. Abreu Eliaas, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  392. Pat Berger, Maine, USA
  393. Lydia Garvey, Public Health Nurse, Oklahoma, USA
  394. Allan Janczewski, New York, USA
  395. Ms. Marge Maloney, New York, USA
  396. Stephen Lewis, Utah, USA
  397. Denise Lytle, New jersey, USA
  398. Robb de Vournai, California, USA
  399. Ms. Miriana Demas, New York, USA
  400. Arden Kirkman
  401. Lois Jordan, Arizona, USA
  402. Mike Eilenfeldt, Quito, Ecuador
  403. Sterling Gruver, Arizona, USA
  404. Robert Shore
  405. Bob Gorringe, California, USA
  406. Ms. Pam Thomas-Hill, Texas, USA
  407. Monroe Jeffrey, Oklahoma, USA
  408. Lawrence Hager, Virginia, USA
  409. G. J.
  410. Amy Harlib, new York, USA
  411. Cathleen Deppe, California, USA
  412. Tod Jones, Oregon, USA
  413. David Carlton
  414. Mike Baldwin, California, USA
  415. Diana Little, Psychotherapist, Kaiser Permanante*
  416. Frank Gage, New York, USA
  417. Georgia Tattu, California, USA
  418. Adam Marsan, Ottawa, Canada
  419. Dr. Prisca Gloor, California, USA
  420. Edward Dingilian, New York, USA
  421. Edwin Hiley, Pennsylvania, USA
  422. martha Austen, California, USA
  423. Jose Garavito
  424. David Chase, California, USA
  425. Raymond Smith, North Carolina, USA
  426. Marian Smith, California, USA
  427. Dave Lindblom, Utah, USA
  428. Leah Willoughby, Kentucky, USA
  429. David Morais, Louisiana, USA
  430. Marilyn Fuller, Washington State, USA
  431. Cecile Pineda, California, USA
  432. Ms. Karen Toth, Kitchener, Canada
  433. Michael Pastorkovich, Pennsylvania, USA
  434. Antonia Shouse, New York, USA
  435. Lonnie Lopez, Washington Sate, USA
  436. Walter Glass
  437. Elizabeth Molchany, Attorney at La, Virginia, USA
  438. Julie Rufo, California, USA
  439. Jow Weis, California, United States
  440. Don Hon, Minnesota, USA
  441. Kathryn Roston, Montreal, Canada
  442. Ken Laufer, new York, USA
  443. Kenneth McDonald, Texas, USA
  444. Siti Dalila Muaz
  445. Cheryl Kozanitas, California, USA
  446. Ms. Valerie Pistoni, California, USA
  447. Frank Munley, Virginia, USA
  448. Susan Sheinfeld, Massachusetts, USA
  449. Eunice Tirado, California, USA
  450. Dianne Budd, M.D., California, USA
  451. Karen Crose, Maryland, USA
  452. Christopher Tuch, Texas, USA
  453. Abbas Tim Mestani, Oosterhout, Netherlands
  454. John Satter, Colorado, USA
  455. Clay woody, New mexico, USA
  456. William Kolar, Oregon, USA
  457. Annapoorne Colangelo, Washington State, USA
  458. Paul R. Davis, Florida, USA
  459. Steve Gilmartin, California, USA
  460. Michael Gruber
  461. William Prest, Vancouver, Canada
  462. John Mizzi, New York, USA
  463. Ann Grant, Vancouver, Canada
  464. Wanda Ballentine, Minnesota, USA
  465. Patrick Brennan, New York, USA
  466. Gerry Hiles, Elizabeth Vale, South Australia
  467. Maureen Wheeler, Maryland, USA
  468. Barbara Dale
  469. Cathy Brochet, Cookshire, Canada
  470. Mary McConnely, Professor, California, USA
  471. Monica Dahlby, Karlstad, Sweden
  472. Jonathan Boyne, Hawaii, USA
  473. Mazdak Farhat, California, USA
  474. Philippe Bosshard
  475. Charles Kleymeyer, Virginia, USA
  476. Richard Grassl, Washington State, USA
  477. Paul Troyano, Louisiana, USA
  478. K. Yekta, California, USA
  479. Bobbie Flowers, New York, USA
  480. Lynn Shoemaker, Wisconsin, USA
  481. Pat Gibs, Maple ridge, Canada
  482. Wm. & Ursula Slavick, Maine, USA
  483. Ajit Singh, Hamilton, Canada
  484. Cathy Browning, Virginia, USA
  485. Paul Daniel
  486. Bret Polish, California, USA
  487. Geraldine Ma, California, USA
  488. Oosha Ramsoondar, Canada
  489. Karin Brothers, Canada
  490. Jim Yarbrough, California, USA
  491. Howard Emerson, California, USA
  492. Mike Deycaza
  493. James Mulcare, Washington State, USA
  494. Steven Lesh
  495. Rosie Hinnebusch, Florida, USA
  496. Yelena Komnatski, California, USA
  497. Edwin McCready, California, USA
  498. Constance Garcia-Barrio, Pennsylvania, USA
  499. Erik Kennedy-McDonnell, California, USA
  500. Nurun Chowdhury, Florida, USA
  501. Ms. Anneliese Schultz, Maine, USA
  502. Jonathan Mitchell, Llabama, USA
  503. Philip Dennany, Indiana, USA
  504. Michael Scrive, Maule, France
  505. Miguel Marti, Illinois, USA
  506. Ruth Gouldgoodman, California, USA
  507. Carol Changus, California, USA
  508. Lara Nunes, Florida, USA
  509. Maria Rua, New Jersey, USA
  510. Andy Manoff, California, USA
  511. Jana Lynne Webb Niernberger Muhar, California, USA
  512. Chuck Puckett, Kentucky, USA
  513. Terry & Bernt Lawrence, Surrey, Canada
  514. Babette Grunow, Wisconsin, USA
  515. Jaime Cader, California, USA
  516. Tom Ferguson, Gerogia, USA
  517. Richard Chambers, Maine, USA
  518. Ed Felien, Minnesota, USA
  519. Tomas Daly
  520. Amy Sheppeck, Minnesota, USA
  521. Azra Saharkhiz, South Carolina, USA
  522. Jean Lawrence, Victoria, Canada
  523. Debra Ellis, California, USA
  524. Peter Kuttner, Illinois, USA
  525. John Kraft, Victoria, Australia
  526. Ludivine Cuisinier
  527. Mona Salloum
  528. Dwarikanath Rath, Ahmedabad, India
  529. Dr. V. George Venturini, Hazelwood North, Australia
  530. Dr. Jesus Nieto, California, USA
  531. Allan Miller, USA
  532. Ana Bazac, Bucharest, Romania
  533. Jonathan Trautman, Calgary, Canada
  534. Lynne Purdy, Teesside, UK
  535. Ai??Val Shortland, Bangkok, Thailand
  536. Dr. Henry Stahl, Senior Medical Consultant, PSR,* Eschwege, Germany
  537. Judith Taylor, Johannesburg, South Africa
  538. Karin Nebauer, Munich, Germany
  539. Gordon Lee, New York, USA
  540. Susan Carey, New York, USA
  541. Roland Lombard, France
  542. Andreas Rosenkranz, Pirna, Germany
  543. Derek Martin, By Spean Bridge, UK
  544. Andy Wendler
  545. Laura M. Ohanian, Oregon, USA
  546. Pilar Quarzell Theatra, Trevignano Romano, Italy
  547. Karine Dumont, Writer, Geneva, Switzerland
  548. Klemens Alschner, Germany
  549. Abdul Nayyar, Islamabad, Pakistan
  550. Susan Maria Gavaghan, Liverpool, UK
  551. Enzo Apicella, UK
  552. Marcus Lock, Munich, Germany
  553. Edwin Rutledge, Washington State, USA
  554. Giulio Bonali, Fiorenzuola (PC), Italy
  555. Marcus Lepzien, Peine, Germany
  556. Norma Frye, Fairford, UK
  557. Esther Thomsen, Diplom-Theologi,Ai??Ahrensburg, Germany
  558. Sebastian Schiller, Bonn, Germany
  559. Jens Witschel, Germany
  560. Isolde Herold, Germany
  561. Art Hanson, Michigan, USA
  562. Sandra Melzer, Berlin, Germany
  563. Konrad Kiener, Austria
  564. Simon Wolfers, Llanbedr, UK
  565. Sven Ruin, Sweden
  566. David Wilmot, North Carolina, USA
  567. Franz Brandl, Lam, Germany
  568. Maik Abel, Muencheberg, Germany
  569. Filipp Peters, BAi??blingen, Germany
  570. Kathryn Beard, Michigan, USA
  571. Lillian Pickering, Vermont, USA
  572. Barbara Birkle, Hanau, Germany
  573. Gordon Tophofen, Germany
  574. Martin Birkle, Hanau, Germany
  575. Izzeddin Musa, Wachtberg, Germany
  576. Douglas Turnbull, Kippa-Ring, Queensland, Australia
  577. Marina Kun, President, Kun Shoulder Rest, Inc.,* Ottawa, Canada
  578. Natalie Hanson, Michigan, USA
  579. Ghincea Marius – Cristian, Voluntari, Romania
  580. Gerhard Bastir
  581. Peter Franke
  582. Barbara Tutor, Florida, USA
  583. Diana Ralph, Pennsylvania, USA
  584. Gue Schmidt, CEO, TRANSFER c/o MAG3,* Vienna, Austria
  585. Luisa Brehm, Lisbon, Portugal
  586. Henriette McPartlin, Abba’s Dutch Touch
  587. Victor Silva, Amora, Portugal
  588. Mark Bender, Virginia, USA
  589. Ai??Norma Jacobs, California, USA
  590. Roger Gwynn, Stroud, UK
  591. Cornelia Rakow, New York, USA
  592. Kevin Squires, Florida, USA
  593. Maamoun Chawki
  594. Ed Tomasiewicz, Kano
  595. Jean Kuntz, Missouri, USA
  596. Lionel Burman, UK
  597. Susan Massad, Massachusetts, USA
  598. Patricia Thukral, Virginia, USA
  599. Corey Schade, New Jersey, USA
  600. Corey Schade, New Jersey, USA
  601. Nancy McGill, Nebrask, USA
  602. Ai??Joan Payne Kincaid, member, WBAI,* New York, USA
  603. Richard Hugus, Massachusetts, USA
  604. Ali Yousefi, Toronto, Canada
  605. Tsun, Ottawa, Canada
  606. Stratis Kounias, Zorafou, Greece
  607. Ian Latime,Ai??Edinburgh, Scotland
  608. Patricia Dion, Ohio, USA
  609. Debora Scatena-Hubbard, St John’s, Canada
  610. Elwyn Patterson, Vancouver, Canada
  611. Noah Lentz, Wisconsin, USA
  612. Carlos Canales, Community Organizer, New York, USA
  613. John Obeda, Illinois, USA
  614. Ms. Odile Hugonot Haber, Michigan, USA
  615. Tracey Ferguson, Winnipeg, Canada
  616. John Mark Robertson, Belleville, Canada
  617. Jeannette Hanna, California, USA
  618. William Gsuella, Bassano del Grappa, Italy
  619. Annette Hartshorne, Wisonsin, USA
  620. Zheila Ommani, California, USA
  621. Christopher Lish, California, USA
  622. Michael Moats, Illinois, USA
  623. James Raynor, WWP,* Gerogia, USA
  624. John Mackoviak, Arizona, USA
  625. David Hollister, Florida, USA
  626. Ahmed Kamel, new York, USA
  627. Claudio Contreras, Chile
  628. Roger Burkhart, New Hampshire, USA
  629. Louis Deneau, California, USA
  630. Dan Wicht, Minnesota, USA
  631. David Brooks, Saint John, NB, Canada
  632. Dorothy Emerson, Massachusetts, USA
  633. Mayur Thakare, Researcher and Write, Mumbai, India
  634. Marie Evola, Florida, USA
  635. Bara Berg, Minnesota, USA
  636. Mary Avice, St. Gabriel, Canada
  637. Michael Behrent, Wisconsin, USA
  638. Nicholas Prychodko, New York, USA
  639. Ricardo Mendez, California, USA
  640. Eric Walberg, toronto, Canada
  641. Jamie Clemons, Illinois, USA
  642. Belle McMaster, Georgia, USA
  643. Mrs. Fran Merker, new York, USA
  644. Rhonda Cummings
  645. Gil Toff, California, USA
  646. Roy Tricke,Ai??Kenabee, Canada
  647. Philippe de Reilhan, Graulhet, France
  648. Elmir Mecevic, Wien, Austria
  649. Sean Earner, Virginia, USA
  650. Scott Baker, Managing Editor/Econoomics Editor; Senior Advisor & NY Coordinator, Opednews.com, New York
  651. Mouna Schaheen, Arizona, USA
  652. Munir Jirmanus, Massachusetts, USA
  653. Edward Gibney, Virgin Islands
  654. Angela Milivojevic, Toronto, Canada
  655. Charles Nafziger, Washington State, USA
  656. Casey Hennessey, Illinois, USA
  657. Kevin, Leys, Manchester, UK
  658. Lois Gagnon, Massachusetts, USA
  659. Jeff Klein, Massachusetts, USA
  660. Stephanie Schoen, California, USA
  661. Thomas Bradtke, Maryland, USA
  662. Lloyd Cartey, Milton Keynes, UK
  663. Peter Brecht, Weinsberg, Germany
  664. Berjouhy Gulesserian, new York, USA
  665. Eileen Massey, California, USA
  666. Yvon A. Moreault, QuAi??bec, Canada
  667. David Deutsch, California, USA
  668. Molly Hogan, California, USA
  669. Elaine Hagopian
  670. Fernando Jardim, Portugal
  671. Joel Lorimer, Minnesota, USA
  672. Daniel Johnson, New York, USA
  673. Carole Tyksinski, Pennsylvania, USA
  674. Nancy Schmidt
  675. Lahoucine Choual, Mohammedia, Morocco
  676. S. Jahangeer, Virginia, USA
  677. Arlan Ebel, USA
  678. Dr. Dirk Schweitzer, Massachusetts, USA
  679. Ann Ellis, New York, USA
  680. Farrokh Rahnemoon, Michigan, USA
  681. Philipp Helmer, WAi??schenbeuren, Germany
  682. Ruth Faris, Massachusetts, USA
  683. Gregg Kozloff, Colorado, USA
  684. Bonita Staas, Illinois, USA
  685. Norman Gomes, Captain, Merchant Seaman (retired), Massachusetts, USA
  686. Gabriel Rosenstock
  687. Ms. Michelle Smith, Maryland, USA
  688. Paul Offen, North Carolina, USA
  689. Jeff Riney, Georgia, USA
  690. L. Childs
  691. Marie Andrews, Florida, USA
  692. Karena Acree-Paez, California, USA
  693. Miss Marge Dakouzlian, New York, USA
  694. Mrs. Joyce Banzhaf, California, USA
  695. Douglas Olson, Minnesota, USA
  696. Mrs. Jean Bails, Retired R.N., Michigan, USA
  697. Hartmut Wihstutz, Physician, Hohen Neuendorf, Germany
  698. Klaus-Peter Kurch, Freidenker, Berlin, Germany
  699. Barbara Hathaway, New York, USA
  700. Debra DeLong, Trucker, Elite Carriers,* Wisconsin, USA
  701. Jean Boustani, Massachusetts, USA
  702. Fredrick Warner, Vogel Town, New Plymouth, New Zealand
  703. Osami Nomura, Tokyo, Japan
  704. Gisela Lopez, Illinois, USA
  705. Ben Tao, Massachusetts, USA
  706. Siamak Amini, Altrincham, Cheshire, UK
  707. Imran Ashraf Malik, Lahore, Pakistan
  708. Jay Noor, Montreal, Canada
  709. Frans De Maegd, Sint-Joris-Weert, Belgium
  710. Christina HA?gli, Winterthur, Switzerland
  711. Louise Legun, Pennsylvania, USA
  712. Monica ZoppAi??, Pisa, Italy
  713. Ms. Janet Lind, Washington State, USA
  714. Robert Kosuth, Minnesota, USA
  715. Khalil Rabiei, Illinois, USA
  716. Gary Jones, Illinois, USA
  717. Ms. Lila York, New York, USA
  718. Ann Fawcett Ambia, New York, USA
  719. Ni Meyer, New Mexico, USA
  720. Khalid Raheem, Pennsylvania, USA
  721. Gayle McIntyre, Mississauga, Canada
  722. Jay Watts, Toronto, Canada
  723. Peter & Waltraud Seidel, Berlin, Germany
  724. Glenna Johnson
  725. Massoumeh Asi, Maryland, USA
  726. Kathleen Ryan, Virginia, USA
  727. Susan Maria Gavaghan, Liverpool, UK
  728. Susanne KA?hn, Berlin, Germany
  729. Greg Gallinger, Winnipeg, Canada
  730. Richard Keller, Wellington, New Zealand
  731. Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Miriam Kurland, Massachusetts, USA
  732. Jeffrey Jones, New York, USA
  733. Richard Mosher, Connecticut, USA
  734. JoAnne Bauer,Connecticut, USA
  735. Summer Smith, Utah, USA
  736. Austin Austi
  737. Tyler Keir, Michigan, USA
  738. Mary Fishler, Oregon, USA
  739. Bill Nicholson, Haywards Heath, UK
  740. Martin Riley, Scarborough, UK
  741. Amanda Vasquez, California, USA
  742. Alessandro Papaleo, rome, Italy
  743. Ms. Lisa Savage, Maine, USA
  744. Faramak Zahraie, Washington State, USA
  745. Harold Kimpel, Tennessee, USA
  746. Brenda Fowke
  747. Gabriele S. von Gallera, Berlin, Germany
  748. Aran Fay
  749. Nikolaus Blank, Berlin, Germany
  750. Peter Glen,Ai??Bensheim, Germany
  751. Julie Bosh, Ohio, USA
  752. Michelle Kaiser, Connecticut, USA
  753. Nancy Eberg, Connecticut, USA
  754. Sigrid SjAi??berg-Glenz, Bensheim, Germany
  755. Michael Baker, Lincoln, UK
  756. Kanika U. F. Ajanaku, South Carolina, USA
  757. Reg Johnson, Writer, Activist, Connecticut, USA
  758. Rita Abert, Berlin, Germany
  759. Silvio Wendrich, Germany
  760. Tobias Weise, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
  761. Hannah Rush, Texas, USA
  762. USU?O?U? O?O?O?Ui??U?US, Damascus, Syria
  763. Barbara Costello, New Mexico, USA
  764. Jon Karl Stefansson, Reykjavik, Iceland
  765. Sally Jane Black, Louisiana, USA
  766. Johannes Loew, Berlin, Germany
  767. Natylie Baldwin, Author/Analyst, California, USA
  768. Bernard Elias, California, USA
  769. Mary Jo Fesenmaier, Wisonsin, USA
  770. Tim Everett, UK
  771. Elizabeth Resnikoff, Illinois, USA
  772. Lauren Manning, New York, USA
  773. Rael Nidess, M.D., Texas, USA
  774. Mike Ennis, Wellington, New Zealand
  775. Susan Mercurio, New Mexico, USA
  776. Michael Van Arragon, Hamilton, Canada
  777. Mike Woods, New Zealand
  778. Andrew Reed, UKIP,* (Retired), Brussels, Belgium
  779. Joseph Jordan, Michigan, USA
  780. Daniel Doile, Berlin, Germany
  781. Vig Orniensis, Worcester, UK
  782. Julie Webb-Pullman
  783. Adrianne Leon, Connecticut, USA
  784. Cassandra Rhodin, Sweden
  785. Dr. Joachim Gruber, Ankershagen, Germany
  786. Gunnar A?yro, Bergen, Norway
  787. Maria Anna Steenken, Berlin, Germany
  788. Catherine Wilkerson, M.D., Michigan, USA
  789. Jochen Gruber, Rumpshagen, Germany
  790. Arianna Carciofo, Berlin, Germany
  791. Lanlan Hoo, Illinois, USA
  792. Kamil Abbas, Pennsylvania, USA
  793. David Glackin, Cookstown, Ireland
  794. Angelika Engels, Berlin, Germany
  795. Per Mathis Mathisen, Medical Doctor, Kristiansand, Norway
  796. Mrs. Lori Flynn, Pennsylvania, USA
  797. Janet Gaspar, Wadebridge, UK
  798. Jack Moylet
  799. Mark Carpenter, New Hampshire, USA
  800. Barry Kissin, maryland, USA
  801. Michael Moats, Illinois, USA
  802. Bob Mueller, Illinois, USA
  803. Matthew Cunningham-Cook
  804. Bruce Farland, Wellington, New Zealand
  805. Dolores Parra, Florida, USA
  806. Heather Trainor, Connecticut, USA
  807. Robert Beal, Texas, USA
  808. Morton Brusselm, Illinois, USA
  809. Janet Mayes, New Jersey, USA
  810. Donald Hank, Laigle’s Forum, Florida
  811. Patty Battaglio, Pennsylvania, USA
  812. Barry Hermanson, California, USA
  813. David Creighton, Ottawa, Canada
  814. Robert Funke, Massachusetts, USA
  815. Doug Brown, Burlington, Canada
  816. Bruce Lesnick
  817. Louise Chegwidden, California, USA
  818. Gary Elliott, Vermont, USA
  819. Pamela Elliott, Vermont, USA
  820. Nicolas Brannon, California, USA
  821. Nikita McKinder
  822. Ellen Murphy, Washington State, USA
  823. Nate Baldo, New York, USA
  824. Ann Patterson
  825. David Thomas Sr, Canada
  826. Pete Shell, Pennsylvania
  827. Mike Magee, UK
  828. Phillip Kwik, Michigan
  829. Kevin Pina, Journalist & Educator
  830. Melissa Muldoon, Connecticut, USA
  831. John & Karen Schraufnagel, Minnesota, USA
  832. Linda Powel
  833. Don Harmon, California, USA
  834. Martine Hildebrandt, Paris, France
  835. Mary Sue Meads, California, USA
  836. Jane Newton, Maine, USA
  837. Steve Ongerth, California, USA
  838. Cristina Sala, Spain
  839. Franziska Busacker, Sant VicenAi?? de TorellA?, Spain
  840. D. T. Ptak, New York, USA
  841. Matt Rosa, Connecticut, USA
  842. Janet Lind, Washington State, USA
  843. Cynthia M. Little, Maine, USA
  844. Dawn Reel, Nonprofit Technologist, New York, USA
  845. Stephen Mitchell, Sydenham, Canada
  846. Nicholas Cass, Illinois, USA
  847. Dr. Ebert Hino, California, USA
  848. Suzanne Cole, Canada
  849. Tania Abbatello, Connecticut, USA
  850. Jacqui Deveneau, Maine, USA
  851. Carlyle Moulton, Ermington, NSW Australia
  852. Noeline Gannaway, Wellington, New Zealand
  853. Emil Abel, Fulda, Germany
  854. Urte von Bremen, Berlin, Germany
  855. Conny Schulz, Berlin, Germany
  856. Adam Broinowski, Historian, Peace Researcher
  857. Patti Cornel, Connecticut, USA
  858. Angelika Spell, Berlin, Germany
  859. Steve Sutcliffe, Halifax, UK
  860. Edwina Smith, California, USA
  861. Mohamad Rahimy, California, USA
  862. Ale Capuzzo, Trieste, Italy
  863. Uwe WollmerstAi??dt, Berlin, Germany
  864. Patricia Hopkins, Connecticut, USA
  865. Alina Dollat, Gouvieux, France
  866. Barbara RAi??mer, Kassel, Germany
  867. Mick Eddings, New Mexico, USA
  868. Jeanne Marie Dauray, Illinois, USA
  869. Cindy Davis, Connecticut, USA
  870. Bruce Chapman, Utah, USA
  871. Andrew Costigan, Massachusetts, USA
  872. Carol Jagiello, New Jersey, USA
  873. Mohammad Ataullah, Toronto, Canada
  874. Krizta Moon, Connecticut, USA
  875. Karl Moore, Louisiana, USA
  876. Frank Fischer, Berlin, Germany
  877. Susan Willis, Arizona, USA
  878. Lilith Grimhildr, Georgia, USA
  879. Lori Tuttle, California, USA
  880. Kenneth: Ruby, New Hampshire, USA
  881. Peter Sullivan, New York, USA
  882. Dustin McFadden, Missouri, USA
  883. Jean-Theo Jost, Berlin, USA
  884. Sylvia Gossani, Germany
  885. David Jeang, Maryland, USA
  886. Thomas Shields, New York, USA
  887. Claudia Karas, Frankfurt, Germany
  888. Simeon Newman, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  889. Ellen Kienhorst, Hannover, Germany
  890. Elke Roll, Zirndorf, Germany
  891. Bernhard Meyer, Ofterdingen, Germany
  892. Dietrich Hyprath, Sant Josep (Ibiza), Spain
  893. Ian Henshall, UK
  894. Lisa Simeone, Maryland, USA
  895. Wiete Dankov, KAi??ln, Germany
  896. Liz Matthews, Virginia, USA
  897. Robert Janusko, Pennsylvania, USA
  898. Steve Connery, Maryland, USA
  899. Pia MA?rk Danielsen, UK
  900. Andy Snoddy, Nyon, Switzerland
  901. Tamara Djuranova, Rome, Italy
  902. Ed Bennett, Washington State, USA
  903. Durnick Viktor, Germany
  904. Ariane Herrmann, Olhao, Portugal
  905. Torgeir Salih Holgersen, Teacher and Author, Oslo, Norway
  906. Marion Denk, FA?rth, Germany
  907. Filippo Gentili, Alba Adriatica, Italy
  908. Guy Hollyday, Maryland, USA
  909. Paul Palla
  910. Per Johannessen, kragerA?, Norway
  911. Fred Morrison, Psychotherapist, California
  912. Linda Jansen, Washington State, USA
  913. Julie Garton, Oregon, USA
  914. Edwina Smith, California, USA
  915. Roy Hunter, London, UK
  916. Laurisch Karsten, Germany
  917. Peter FAi??rster, KAi??ln, Germany
  918. Johannes Keller, Stockach, Germany
  919. Amparo Hyprath, San Jose (Ibiza), Spain
  920. Angelika Spell, Berlin, Germany
  921. Werner Schilling, Barsinghausen, Germany
  922. Ed Cloonan, Pennsylvania, USA
  923. Piotr Luczak, Berlin, Germany
  924. Holger Bartholz, Germany
  925. Holger Bartholz, Germany
  926. Viveca Hedengren, Helsinki, Finland
  927. Michael Gilliland, Teacher, Barcelona, Spain
  928. Jim Nelson, Missouri, USA
  929. Eberhard Schmitt-Burk, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  930. Roger Fleming, Missouri, USA
  931. Martina Moritz, Germany
  932. Nancy Muir, California, USA
  933. Claus Oehler, Essen, Germany
  934. JA?rgen Marquardt, Werdau, Germany
  935. S. Hendra
  936. Rod Prosser, New Zealand
  937. Kim Cater, Louisbourg, Canada
  938. Ralph Tuscher, Michigan, USA
  939. Marion Pke, Daylesford, Australia
  940. EleniAi?? Gourgou, Michigan, USA
  941. Andrea Poole, North Carolina, USA
  942. Albrecht Schmiedel, Berlin, Germany
  943. Mary Lynn Cramer
  944. Paul Siemering, Massachusetts, USA
  945. Pamela Natal, Connecticut, USA
  946. Randy Christense
  947. Timothea Papas, Illinois, USA
  948. Patricia Ulin, Connecticut, USA
  949. Gerhard Bauer, Germany
  950. Lara Biebricher, Germany
  951. Wendy LaRiviere, Retired Lawyer, California, USA
  952. Hannelore BlAi??ttermann, Berlin, Germany
  953. Armin Christ, Liebenberg, Germany
  954. Beate Rauschert, Germany
  955. Gerhard Lowak, Chieming, Germany
  956. JA?rgen Schopp, Munich, Germany
  957. Raija Kontturi, Helsinki, finland
  958. Rayk Horn, Berlin, Germany
  959. Christopher Franc, Austria
  960. Madhu Ahrens, Isen, Germany
  961. Hartmut Patz, Hoppegarten, Germany
  962. Tiina Arasola, Kotka, Finland
  963. Burkhard NauschA?t,Ai??BAi??hlendorf, Germany
  964. Uwe SchrAi??n, Neumarkt, Germany
  965. Hans Helffer, Capelle aan den IJssel, Holland
  966. Dieter Deicke, Klein Wanzleben, Germany
  967. Lisa Mateu, Welchenberg, Germany
  968. Gisela Vogel, Bochum, Germany
  969. Stefan MeiAYner, Bremen, Germany
  970. Thomas Lindlein, Coburg, Germany
  971. Peter Lorscheidt, Monheim am Rhein, Germany
  972. Christian Kumbier, Wetzlar, Germany
  973. Anja BAi??ttcher, Bochum, Germany
  974. Stephan Haeger, Berlin, Germany
  975. JA?rgen Masuch, Germany
  976. Sozan Iftikhar
  977. Andreas Pulch, Malaysia
  978. John Northerner, Indiana, USA
  979. Emily Chiappinelli
  980. Gudrun Chatterjee, Detmold, Germany
  981. Stefan BrA?gemann, Rheinbach, Germany
  982. Uwe Kah
  983. I. NAi??dinger, DA?sseldorf, Germany
  984. Paul Georg Lisztewink, Soest, Germany
  985. Freddy Prill, Germany
  986. Ralf Krueger, Lehre, Germany
  987. Dana Dodd, Florida, USA
  988. Alfred Martin Bucher
  989. Andreas Seel, Boizenburg, Germany
  990. Rudolf Weissmueller, Germany
  991. Lutz Lippke, Berlin, Germany
  992. Marlis Reimannn, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  993. Hellmuth Kaiser, NA?rnberg, Germany
  994. Gloria Reiser, Illinois, USA
  995. F. Thienel, Germany
  996. Elke Zwinge-Makamizile, Berlin, Germany
  997. Jonas Bauarten, Berlin, Germany
  998. Niranjan Chatterjee, Detmold, Germany
  999. Joan McDonald, Colorado, USA
  1000. Heidemarie BrA?hns, Berlin, Germany
  1001. Ulla Moussa-Lambrecht, Germany
  1002. Falk Lepschi, Neuhaus, Germany
  1003. Ludwig SchAi??nenbach, Bremen, Germany
  1004. Rosalie Riegle, Illinois, USA
  1005. Ingo Rudolph, Berlin, Germany
  1006. Thomas Peter, Germany
  1007. Hakan Gonendik, M.D., Ankara, Turkey
  1008. Uwe Jetter, Halle, Germany
  1009. Kenneth Charles, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
  1010. Walter RanAYweiler, Germany
  1011. Rainer Braus, PA?csm, Hungary
  1012. Baldauf Kurt, Lugau, Germany
  1013. Reni Sentana-Ries, Ryley, Canada
  1014. Kari FjA?rtoft, Norway
  1015. Arianna Garofalo, Pennsylvania, USA
  1016. Emil BrA?tsch, Berg. Gladbach, Germany
  1017. Jerzy Krawczuk, Bonn, Germany
  1018. Lamia El abdellaoui
  1019. Greg Firmstone, Gympie, Australia
  1020. Silvan KrAi??uter, Dresden, Germany
  1021. Blanka MA?nzberg, Alt Tellin, Germany
  1022. Volker Andreas, Schwanefeld, Germany
  1023. Esen Zafer, Wien, Austria
  1024. Gundolf Hambrock, Frankfurt Main, Germany
  1025. Elke Schreiber, Software Engineer, Hergiswil, Switzerland
  1026. Pat O’Connor, Surrey, Canada
  1027. Steve Shapiro, Maryland, USA
  1028. Dr. Rajaa Nadler, Germany
  1029. Vukovic Ivica, Luzern, Switzerland
  1030. Brigitte Jaschke, Germany
  1031. Daniel Nawka, Leipzig, Germany
  1032. Sonja Brentjes
  1033. Phyllis Arist, Illinois, USA
  1034. Martha Sabin, Neudorf, Ai??sterreich
  1035. Yvonne Martin, Freiburg, Germany
  1036. Claudia Puhlmann
  1037. Christoph Geyer,Ai??Gosen-Neu Zitau, Germany
  1038. Helmut Nater, Leipzig, Germany
  1039. Monika MA?nch, Berlin, Germany
  1040. James Stengle, Oregon, USA
  1041. Martin KuAYmann, Berlin, Germany
  1042. Jutta GlAi??ssing, LA?beck, Germany
  1043. Haimo Grebenstein, KAi??nigstein, Germany
  1044. Peter Schettina, KAi??ln, Germany
  1045. Selcuk Demirci, LA?neburg, Germany
  1046. Winfried Gerum, Roettenbach, Germany
  1047. Helge Brinkmann, Oldenburg, Germany
  1048. Gerrit Junghans, Gera, Germany
  1049. Fridonka Stefan, Berlin, Germany
  1050. Monika Asmus, Wuppertal, Germany
  1051. Alexander Nadler M.A., Germany
  1052. Sharon Erb, Oregon, USA
  1053. Navid Madani, Hamburg, Germany
  1054. Sabine M. Gruber, Kierling, Ai??sterreich
  1055. Heike Heinze, Berlin, Germany
  1056. Andrea Trautman, Berlin, Germany
  1057. Katrin McClean, Hamburg, Germany
  1058. Christine Full, MZ-Kastel, Germany
  1059. Tobias Abendroth, GAi??ppingen, Germany
  1060. Roland Hartlapp, Berlin, Germany
  1061. Michael Hermann, Rambin, Germany
  1062. Brigitte Langbehn, Saint-Priest, France
  1063. Michael Herr, Roedermark, Germany
  1064. Patrick Braun, Worms, Germany
  1065. Stephan Lorenz, Berlin, Germany
  1066. Sabine Jung, Malsburg-Marzell, Germany
  1067. Lutz MA?hlfriedel, Apolda, Germany
  1068. JAi??rg FlA?thmann, Salzbergen, Germany
  1069. Torsten Orel, Berlin, Germany
  1070. Helmut Behnsen, Bremen, Germany
  1071. JAi??rn Baumann, Stocksee, Germany
  1072. Daniel Nawka, Leipzig, Germany
  1073. Farida Dowler
  1074. Martina Moritz, Dresden, Germany
  1075. Karl Ninaus, Graz, Austria
  1076. Karl Ninaus, Graz, Australia
  1077. RamA?n Camino, Linz am Rhein, Germany
  1078. Klaus-Peter Dick, Naila, Germany
  1079. Ulrike Spurgat, Oldenburg, Germany
  1080. Nicos Manikas, Erkelenz, Germany
  1081. Dorothee Bister, Freiburg, Germany
  1082. Rolf GrAi??fe, Germany
  1083. Lars Menk, Berlin, Germany
  1084. Boris Ivnik, Stockholm, Sweden
  1085. Gerald Mach, Vienna, Austria
  1086. Rick Bazeley, Whangarei, New Zealand
  1087. Manfred Mandlik, Kressberg, Germany
  1088. Claudia Zernitzky, KAi??nigs Wusterhausen, Germany
  1089. Monika Asmus, Wuppertal, Germany
  1090. Manfred Sautter, SaarbrA?cken, Germany
  1091. Volker StrA?tzel, Familienvater, Dresden, Germany
  1092. Norbert Eberherr, Laufen, Germany
  1093. Sascha BorntrAi??ger,Ai??Wedemark,Ai??Germany
  1094. Inge von Jaduczynski, Unterschleissheim, Germany
  1095. Frank Weber
  1096. Kerstin Mach, Germany
  1097. Shiri Ebrahim, Interpreter, Writer, Baku, Azerbayjan Republic
  1098. Ilsetraud RA?ckauer, Freiburg, Germany
  1099. Daniel Mustain, Illinois, USA
  1100. Michael ZAi??pfel, Jena, Germany
  1101. Peter Larson
  1102. Abdol Soofi, Professor of Economics
  1103. Ursula Keller, Parsberg, Germany
  1104. Sabina Stefan, California, USA
  1105. Ulrich Stark, Ronneburg, Germany
  1106. Tom Grant, Connecticut, USA
  1107. Faramak Zahraie, Washington State, USA
  1108. Miriam Wysoker, New York, USA
  1109. Josie M. Lenwell, New Mexico, USA
  1110. Mackenzie Morris, Pennsylvania, USA
  1111. Rainer Gille, Rinteln, Germany
  1112. Jenifer Smith, New Mexico, USA
  1113. Frank Schramm, Germany
  1114. David Obrebski, Dortmund, Germany
  1115. Tilo SchAi??nberg, Hamburg, Germany
  1116. Hardy Darga, Frechen, Germany
  1117. Tony Ryan, California, USA
  1118. Ludwig Andreas, Schwanefeld, Germany
  1119. Thaddaeus Podgorski, Vienna, Austria
  1120. JA?rgen Eger, Germany
  1121. Martin SchAi??n, Bad Reichenhall, Germany
  1122. Edelgard Strobel, Solingen, Germany
  1123. Gabriella Dietsche, MAi??hlin, Switzerland
  1124. Danielle Gartenberg, New York, USA
  1125. Linda Jacobs, Oregon, USA
  1126. Margarita Zweitzich, Kaufbeuren, Germany
  1127. Bernhard Brinkman, Oldersum, Germany
  1128. Thomas Beilman, Oregon, USA
  1129. Catherine Wilkerson, M.D., Michigan, USA
  1130. Kai KAi??hler, Berlin, Germany
  1131. Kathrin Temming, Sao Luis Lameiros, Portugal
  1132. Per Medby, Oslo, Norway
  1133. Heathcote Williams, Oxford, UK
  1134. Sean Mulligan, Georgia, USA
  1135. Wolfgang WeinlAi??der, Oederquart, Germany
  1136. W. HAi??ndel, Germany
  1137. Wolf Zimmermann, Baunatal, Germany
  1138. Andreas Kukuk, Berlin, Germany
  1139. Diana Beyer, Sonneberg, Germany
  1140. Rainer Lorenz, Kaufbeuren, Germany
  1141. Andreas Johannes Berchtold, Wuppertal, Germany
  1142. Sibylle Wolf, Germany
  1143. Iris Berndt, Potsdam, Germany
  1144. Debbie Ki
  1145. Timothy Kaminski, Missouri, USA
  1146. Juergen Hoffmann, Hannover, Germany
  1147. Rose Wallo, London, UK
  1148. Travis Wilkerson, New York, USA
  1149. Birgit Malzahn, Kaseel, Germany
  1150. Juern-Hinrich Volkmann, Berlin, Germany
  1151. Ellen E. Taylor, California, USA
  1152. Judy Greenspan, California, USA
  1153. Troy Troyer, California, USA
  1154. Arno Hofmann, OberschAi??na, Germany
  1155. Jon Ivey
  1156. George Inotowok, California, USA
  1157. Magdalena Melter, Heidelberg, Germany
  1158. Blair Kuntz, Toronto, Canada
  1159. Cheri Keiosner, California, USA
  1160. Herbert Sinn, Heidelberg, Germany
  1161. Michael McGee, Strasbourg, France
  1162. Karl Bihn, Dudenhofen, Germany
  1163. Cliff Collins, Vernon, Canada
  1164. Roman Weiner, Dresden, Germany
  1165. Marilies Kupsch, Wachtberg, Germany
  1166. Grita Petersen, Steinen, Germany
  1167. Khalid Slimani, Leiden, Netherlands
  1168. Gisela Knox, Oederquart, Germany
  1169. Khary Lemon, USA
  1170. Randa Chahine, Damascus, Syria
  1171. Brandon Harris, Indiana, USA
  1172. Edik Zwasrenstein, Toronto, Canada
  1173. Sylvia Mayen, Germany
  1174. Inge De CaerlAi??, Essen, Germany
  1175. Bill Madden, Florida, USA
  1176. Joseph Zahab, Ottawa, Canada
  1177. Harry Clark, New York, USA
  1178. Simon Wolfers, Llanbedr, UK
  1179. Steban el Suizo, Switzerland
  1180. Priscilla Hamelin, Vanier, Canada
  1181. Alexander Schmelzer, Cairo, Egypt
  1182. Allan Bezanson, Halifax, Canada
  1183. Thorarinn Hjartarson, Akuareyri, Iceland
  1184. Victor Jasin, London, Canada
  1185. Larry Kerschner, Washington State, USA
  1186. C.B. Babb, Colorado, USA
  1187. John Estes, Alabama, USA
  1188. Aleta Cooper, Langley, Canada
  1189. Jana Gleichmann, Germany
  1190. Constant Larouche, Saguenay, Canada
  1191. James O’Neill, Brisbane, Australia
  1192. Sanjay Kumar, Delhi, India
  1193. Pratap Antony, Secunderabad, India
  1194. Miriam Wysoker, New York, USA
  1195. Walter Tillow, Kentucky, USA
  1196. Vanessa Nadler, Germany
  1197. Renato Lorenz, Berlin, Germany
  1198. Gregory Klave, Minnesota, USA
  1199. Heidi Trampus, Ontario, Canada
  1200. Anita D. Baker, North Carolina, USA
  1201. AndrAi?? Cruchter, Igel, Germany
  1202. Adil Khan Khan, Queensland, Australia
  1203. Robert Burrowes, Daylesford, Australia
  1204. Doris Rentzsch, Berlin, Germany
  1205. Peter Mudrik, Germany
  1206. Klara Schmid, Germany
  1207. Helen Ga,USA
  1208. Susan Pwnninfron, Indiana, USA
  1209. Dawn McBee, Arizona, USA
  1210. Elio Mugnaini, Florence, Italy
  1211. Sean Fenley, New York, USA
  1212. Makar Golosheykin, MIssouri, USA
  1213. Samira Jouini, Bonn, Germany
  1214. Jess Chalmers, Invercargill, New Zealand
  1215. Jenny Campbell, Mossburn, New Zealand
  1216. Paul Doran, Dublin, Ireland
  1217. Joseph Glynn, Rathgar, Ireland
  1218. Emanuela Maddalena, Bari, Italy
  1219. David Lowen, Oregon, USA
  1220. Victor Jasin, London, Canada
  1221. Paul Lacey, Basingstoke, UK
  1222. Patricia Ulin, Connecticut, USA
  1223. Martha Perez, Oregon, USA
  1224. Dr. Harvey Thorstad, Oregon, USA
  1225. Janet Weil, California, USA
  1226. James Stengle, Oregon, USA
  1227. Lynn Shoemaker, Wisonsin, USA
  1228. Ulf Jugel, Chemnitz, Germany
  1229. Marian Cruz, California, USA
  1230. Lila York, New York, USA
  1231. Bonnie Weiss, California, USA
  1232. Gregory Dunkel, New York, USA
  1233. Corey Schade, New jersey, USA
  1234. Kathryn Christian, Colorado, USA
  1235. Robert Beal, Texas, USA
  1236. Wanda Ballentine, Minnesota, USA
  1237. Marianne Steenken, Berlin, Germany
  1238. Vivian Weinstein, Colorado, USA
  1239. Traian Cainaru, New York, USA
  1240. JA?rgen: HA?nefeld, Berlin, Germany
  1241. Dolores Parra, Florida, USA
  1242. John Mark Robertson, Belleville, Canada
  1243. Satinath Choudhary, New York, USA
  1244. Fern Tishman, New York, USA
  1245. John Mesler, New Jersey, USA
  1246. Troy Troyer, California, USA
  1247. Tristen Schmidt, California, USA
  1248. Bob Elmendorf, New York, USA
  1249. Jean Kuntz, Missouri, USA
  1250. James Mulcare, Washington State, USA
  1251. Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Pennsylvania, USA
  1252. Dan Wicht, Minnesota, USA
  1253. S. Hendra, British Columbia, Canada
  1254. Michael Baker, Lincoln, USA
  1255. Kevin, Leys, Manchester, UK
  1256. Frank Munley, Virginia, USA
  1257. Joseph Manfredi, California, USA
  1258. Sand Fessler, New York, USA
  1259. Harold Kimpel, Tennessee, USA
  1260. Bernie Eisenberg, California, USA
  1261. Pete Healy, Otaki, New Zealand
  1262. William H. Warrick III, M.D., Florida, USA
  1263. Marilyn Brouwer, Michigan, USA
  1264. Rael Nidess, M.D., Texas, USA
  1265. Anneliese Schultz, Richmond, Canada
  1266. Annette Hartshorne, wisconsin, USA
  1267. Vaclav Exner, Praha, Czech Republic
  1268. Lois Guthrie, Washington State, USA
  1269. Rebecca Mosher, Ohio, USA
  1270. Andrew Taylor, Winnipeg, Canada
  1271. Ursula: Mathern, Merxheim, Germany
  1272. Valerie Sanfilippo, California, USA
  1273. Beverly Williams, Oregon, USA
  1274. Mike Woods, Paraparaumu, New Zealand
  1275. Gloria Osborne, New York, USA
  1276. Lydia Garvey, Oklahoma, USA
  1277. Stephen Oren, Illinois, USA
  1278. Albrecht Ludloff, Berlin, Germany
  1279. Christopher Tuch, Texas, USA
  1280. Jonathan Boyne, Hawaii, USA
  1281. Leigh Missen, Wellington, New Zealand
  1282. Dr. Larry Semark, USA
  1283. Nikita M., Singapore, Singapore
  1284. Doug Wingeier, North Carolina, USA
  1285. Steve Gilmartin, California, USA
  1286. Carol Holland, California, USA
  1287. Richard Grassl, Washington State, USA
  1288. Jo Beall, Oregon, USA
  1289. Howard Emerson, California, USA
  1290. Kevin O’Hanrahan, UK
  1291. Ralph Lawrence, New Zealand
  1292. Patsy Lowe, California, USA
  1293. Raymond Mennie, Dundee, UK
  1294. FranAi??ois Goemaere, Gent, Belgium
  1295. Esther Thomsen, Ahrensburg, Germany
  1296. Jan Karol, Colorado, USA
  1297. David Eldridge, Ilford, UK
  1298. Kathleen Russell, Washington State, USA
  1299. Marc Levin, Maryland, USA
  1300. Denise Lytle, New Jersey, USA
  1301. Allan Serwa, Mission, Canada
  1302. Dorothy Brockway, Oregon, USA
  1303. Vrbina Bartulovitch, Grenoble, France
  1304. Helen Slimmond, Insch, Scotland
  1305. Janet Gaspar, UK
  1306. Dr. Robert Hino, Cypress, USA
  1307. Dave Webb, Leeds, UK
  1308. John Nettleton, Oregon, USA
  1309. Susan Safi, Queensland, Australia
  1310. Iman Safi, Queensland, Australia
  1311. Alexandra Nadler, Germany
  1312. Paul Burant, Wisconsin, USA
  1313. Mabel Leon, New York, USA
  1314. Robert Janusko, Pennsylvania, USA
  1315. Marion Oke, Daylesford, Australia
  1316. Jonathan Trautman, Calgary, Canada
  1317. Cheryl Jager, Greenfields, Australia
  1318. David Schmidl, Postdam, Germany
  1319. Phil Brand, London, UK
  1320. Colin Doran, Whitby, UK
  1321. Monica Dahlby, Karlstad, Sweden
  1322. Debra Diegoli, Vermont, USA
  1323. Rose Padgett, Oregon, USA
  1324. Angelika Neumann, Krefeld, Germany
  1325. A. Sprakelaar, The Netherland
  1326. Silva Daoud, New Jersey, USA
  1327. Elizabeth Waldron, Oregon, USA
  1328. Myra Sidrassi, Munich, Germany
  1329. Beth Raynock, Pennsylvania, USA
  1330. Trevor Goodger-Hill, Trottier Mills, Canada
  1331. Dave Bennett, Wellington, New Zealand
  1332. John Keating, USA
  1333. Art Hanson, Michigan, USA
  1334. Natalie Hanson, Michigan, USA
  1335. Matthew Reeves, Guelph, Canada
  1336. Bini Francesco, Milan, Italy
  1337. Michael StrauAY, Berlin, Germany
  1338. Susan Mercurio, Minnesota, USA
  1339. Jinyoung Choi, Seoul, South Korea
  1340. Marcus Lock, Munich, Germany
  1341. Nina Stein, Connecticut, USA
  1342. Donna Butler, Florida, USA
  1343. Edwina Smith, California, USA
  1344. Bara Berg, Minnesota, USA
  1345. Martin Schwander, Illinois, USA
  1346. Ralph Tuscher, Michigan, USA
  1347. Regina Urban, Germany
  1348. Joan Phillips, Illinois, USA
  1349. Ian Lelchuk, St. Petersburg, Russia
  1350. Tristen Schmid, California, USA
  1351. Jan Mellring, NynAi??shamn, Sweden
  1352. Sven Blomberg, Sweden
  1353. Marie Hjorter, Teacher, Sweden
  1354. Kenneth, Johnsson, Lyckeby, Sweden
  1355. Eje Collinder, Uppsala, Sweden
  1356. Svein Henry Mortensen, Sweden
  1357. Kristina Yxmark, Stockholm, Sweden
  1358. Anders Jernberg, Hemse, Sweden
  1359. Jan Myrdal, Varberg, Sweden
  1360. Ann-Margret Lovling, Sweden
  1361. Thorleif Lavol, Stockholm, Sweden
  1362. GAi??sta Lilja, BjAi??rklinge, Sweden
  1363. Harald von Schlippenbach, Sweden
  1364. Urban Sterner, Sweden
  1365. Gunilla Hollander, Upplands VAi??sby, Sweden
  1366. Bernt Halvard Sleire, Oslo, Norway
  1367. Jan Fredriksson, Sweden
  1368. Lennart Odstrom, UmeA?, Sweden
  1369. GAi??ran Ai??stman, Kristinehamn, Sweden
  1370. Mina O’Dowd, Lund, Sweden
  1371. Karin Utas, Jonstorp, Sweden
  1372. Hans BjAi??rkstrAi??m, Enviken, Sweden
  1373. Jonas HagstrAi??m, Sweden
  1374. Maria EngstrAi??m, Sweden
  1375. John Delacour, Poole, UK
  1376. Antonio Jose Fernandez BuronBur, Caba, Argentina
  1377. Gunnar Rydberg, Svaerdsjoe, Sweden
  1378. Neli Toneva, Plovdiv, Burgaria
  1379. Lars Drugge, VAi??nersborg, Sweden
  1380. Christine Vaple, Sweden
  1381. Bo Erlandsson, Falkenberg, Sweden
  1382. Nils BjA?rkelo, Fredrikstad, Norway
  1383. Ulf Sandmark, Stockholm, Sweden
  1384. Stefan TAi??rmAi??, TyresAi??, Sweden
  1385. Kazuye Suyematsu, California, USA
  1386. Lubos Havlik, StrAi??ngnAi??s, Sweden
  1387. Mauri Avelin, JAi??rvsAi??, Sweden
  1388. Ove Finndin, GAi??teborg, Sweden
  1389. Andreas Lindberg, Slite, Sweden
  1390. Pierre Stjernfeldt, Nybro, Sweden
  1391. Tor Olsson, MalmAi??, Sweden
  1392. Alice Moncada, Stockholm, Sweden
  1393. Eva Thor, BA?stad, Sweden
  1394. Britt Sandblom, MAi??lndal, Sweden
  1395. Sisko Rebecka KyrAi??nlahti, Stockholm, Sweden
  1396. Eva Akinvall, Mellerud, Sweden
  1397. Lilian Berglund Wallin, Stockholm, Sweden
  1398. Anita SalvAi??n, Stockholm, Sweden
  1399. Annica Ericson, Teacher, Falun, Sweden
  1400. Uno Nilsson, Tstad, Sweden
  1401. Hans Kronborg, Uppsala, Sweden
  1402. Anders Allgulin, Gothenburg, Sweden
  1403. Olof Vennergrund, Kopparberg, Sweden
  1404. Evert Laakso, Sweden
  1405. Helene Matz, A?len, Norway
  1406. Bengt-ake Wadell, StrA?tjAi??ra, Sweden
  1407. Benny Aberg, Gnesta, Sweden
  1408. Stina Mson, Sweden
  1409. Marianne Andersson, Helsinki, Finland
  1410. Leif TAi??rnqvist, Sweden
  1411. Anders, GAi??teborg, Sweden
  1412. Katarina Richnau, Sundsvall, Sweden
  1413. Rolf Selin, Matfors, Sweden
  1414. Jan LAi??fgren, GAi??teborg, Sweden
  1415. HG Persson, Sundsvall, Sweden
  1416. HA?kan Lundberg, Stockholm, Sweden
  1417. Sonja Appel, Lund, Sweden
  1418. Nazar Youssef, Sweden
  1419. Josh Shuman, Massachusetts, USA
  1420. Ulf WidestrAi??m, GAi??teborg, Sweden
  1421. Siv-Ingvild Thirud, Lena, Norway
  1422. Anna Sternfeldt, Svenljunga, Sweden
  1423. Leif StA?lhammer, Norberg, Sweden
  1424. Annette Kuehnen, Germany
  1425. RA?s LennstrAi??m, GAi??vle, Sweden
  1426. Jill Godmilow, New York, USA
  1427. Rebecca Huf, Ohio, USA
  1428. Harry Clark, New York, USA
  1429. Egil Hjelmervik, Haugesund, Norway
  1430. Roger Stoll, California, USA
  1431. Marie Evola, Florida, USA
  1432. Jonathan Mitchell, Alabama, USA
  1433. Christie Hakim, USA
  1434. Albert Leger, Berlin, Germany
  1435. Enoche Katsengar, South Africa
  1436. Dany Lindenbacher, Connecticut, USA
  1437. Chrys Ballerano, New York, USA
  1438. Brad Blankenship, Kentucky, USA
  1439. Maureen Johnston, Ormiston, Scotland
  1440. John Donaldson, Ottawa, Canada
  1441. Maria Rumman, Florida, USA
  1442. Peter Gose, Anthropologist, Ottawa, USA
  1443. Joan Montgomerie, Toronto, Canada
  1444. LAi??ger Roger, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada
  1445. Michel Sakr, Outremont, Canada
  1446. Peter Godfrey, Isle of Harris, Scotland
  1447. Nancy Gillard, California, USA
  1448. Ai??Patrick Sauerland, Student, Rheinbach, Germany
  1449. Veronica van Dam, Toronto, Canada
  1450. Sandra Klemm, Art-Teacher, Germany
  1451. david Pearson, Massachusetts, USA
  1452. Alex Ugur, Bantry, Ireland
  1453. Noah Latkin, USA
  1454. Christophe Silvestre, Grenoble, France
  1455. MJ Kaufman, USA
  1456. Tareq Haddad, London, UK
  1457. Kathleen McGuiness, New York, USA
  1458. John Lamphere, New York, USA
  1459. Sonali Menezes, Guelph, Canada
  1460. Emil Nasr, Egypt
  1461. Jami Mahmood, Pakistan
  1462. David Poiesz, Bilthoven, Nederland
  1463. Anna Palecka, London, UK
  1464. Lora Goodson, Kentucky, USA
  1465. Mary Fishler, Oregon, USA
  1466. Natacha Iris Martins da Conceicao, Coimbra, Portugal
  1467. Matthew Faunce, Michigan, USA
  1468. Sam Lunny, Massachusetts, USA
  1469. Dina Ferreira, Portugal
  1470. Sofia Duque, Lawyer, Portugal
  1471. Abram Lutes, Writer, Fredericton, Canada
  1472. Daphne Joyce Maza,Ai??Manila, Philippines
  1473. Ben Mobbs, UK
  1474. Soma Liyanage, Dublin, Ireland
  1475. Francis Hebert, Montreal, Canada
  1476. Houssein Fawaz, Montreal, Canada
  1477. Julie Maizels, New Mexico, USA
  1478. Sean Mulligan, Georgia, USA
  1479. Dejan Kurelic, Croatia
  1480. Ronald Sprague, Florida, USA
  1481. Gabriel Isabelle, Gatineau, Canada
  1482. Stephen Lewis, Utah, USA
  1483. Hilda Richey, Wisconsin, USA
  1484. Jonathan Boyne, Hawaii, USA
  1485. Monica Gandara, New York, USA
  1486. Rosa Vitale, Caivano, Italy
  1487. Jakob TrAi??gA?rdh, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1488. Liam Hutchinson,Ai??Midsomer Norton, UK
  1489. Malath Hasan, Amman, Jordan
  1490. Colin Smith, Aylesbury, UK
  1491. Bernardo Cervantes Sodi, Mexico
  1492. Sergio Weigel, Hamburg, Germany
  1493. Brendan O’Brien, London, UK
  1494. Douglas Smith, Minden, Canada
  1495. Michael Lane, Paris, France
  1496. Stephen Allen,Ai??Austinmer, Australia
  1497. Albert Casale, Connecticut. USA
  1498. Lee Artz, Indian, USA
  1499. Kristopher Williams, Arizona, USA
  1500. Daniella Jordanni, Massachusetts, USA
  1501. Paul Barbara, London, UK
  1502. Jonathan Wriston, Alabama, USA
  1503. Younes Mahmoud, Calgary, Canada
  1504. Ingo Klein, Leipzig, Germany
  1505. Edith Mosimann Uebelhart, Balsthal, Switzerland
  1506. Tonya Beltre, Colorado, USA
  1507. Kassia Halcli, Virginia, USA
  1508. Andreas Lang, Austria
  1509. Mark Richey, California, USA
  1510. Defne, Leeds, UK
  1511. Harry Clark, New York, USA
  1512. Christophe Silvestre, Grenoble, France
  1513. Nikolaos Karagkounis, Greece
  1514. KC Mackey, Massachusetts, USA
  1515. Max Parry, New York, USA
  1516. Lance Smith, California, USA
  1517. Rachael Neffshade, Pennsylvania, USA
  1518. Dawn Reel, New York, USA
  1519. Ingrid Roman, London, UK
  1520. Heinz Juergen Hoevel, Wennigsen, Germany
  1521. Ben Broughton, Leeds, UK
  1522. Wael Altali, Massachusetts, USA
  1523. Bob Meola, California, USA
  1524. Alia Sreihini, Oklahoma, USA
  1525. Courtney Belyea, Fall River, Canada
  1526. Christopher: Brown, Ohio, USA
  1527. Geoffrey Skonicki, Colorado, USA
  1528. Grigory Matyunin, Edinburgh, UK
  1529. Lance Smith, California, USA
  1530. John Lamphere, New York, USA
  1531. Babak Mirab, North York, Canada
  1532. Brian Murphy, Sydney, Australia
  1533. Isral Schneggenburger, Virginia, USA
  1534. Daniel MartAi??nez Valdivieso, Barcelona, Spain
  1535. Stefan Mann, New York, USA
  1536. Monika Haeusler, Perasdorf, Germany
  1537. Hector Rivera, USA
  1538. Klara Pechmann, Hamburg, Germany
  1539. Jonathan Boyne, Hawaii, USA
  1540. Andrew Agnew, Chipping Norton, UK
  1541. Charles Scurich, Oakland, CA
  1542. Ismail Alkhateeb, Norway
  1543. Vincenzo Spezzano, Trento, Italy

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