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If you are interested in forming an HOSC Chapter in your area, please read the following bylaws about Chapter Certification and fill out the Chapter Certification / Renewal Application Form below.

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HOSC Bylaws: Chapter Ceritification

1. Certification of Chapters:

Five (5) or more supporters of peace in Syria in a geographic area who have signed the Hands Off Syria Coalitiona��s Points of Unity Statement may petition the Coordinating Committee of Hands Off Syria Coalition for certification as an HOSC Chapter.


2. Chapter Certification Process

a) Acknowledgement of commitment to the principles and positions outlined in the Points of Unity Statement.

b) Submission of a fully completed Chapter Certification Application Form.

c) Approval of Chapter Certification by the HOSC Coordinating Committee.


3. Responsibilities of Certified Chapters

a) All certified chapters of the Hands Off Syria Coalition shall be responsible for adhering to and executing the general policies and programs of the HOSC as determined and designated by the HOSC Coordinating Committee.

b) Every certified chapter is expected to make all efforts to include and engage other peace and justice organizations in its geographic area who agree with the positions of Hands Off Syria Coalition, with the aim of creating the broadest possible coalition of social forces in support of an end to U.S. intervention and forced regime change policy in Syria.

c) Every certified chapter is required to consult with the HOSC Coordinating Committee whenever it plans to announce positions or engage in activities that are not related to the specified policies and objectives of Hands Off Syria Coalition, as stated in the Points of Unity Statement.

d) Each certified Chapter is responsible for giving regular reports about its meetings and activities to the HOSC Coordinating Committee.

e) All Chapters shall help raise funds needed for the regular operation of the Hands of Syria Coalition.

f) No chapter shall make public statements or take public positions on behalf of the Hands Off Syria Coalition unless directed by the HOSC Coordinating Committee.

4. Chapter Affiliation Dues:

Unless otherwise decided by the Coordinating Committee, each certified Chapter shall be responsible for the payment of $??? [to be determined] as its annual Chapter Affiliation Dues to help finance the national operation of the Hands Off Syria Coalition.


5. Use of HOSC Logo:

Chapters are encouraged to use the official logo of Hands Off Syria Coalition as their chapter logo. However, they are required to modify the logo so that it includes the name of their city and state.


6. Decertification of Chapters:

A Chapter, once certified, shall remain certified unless the number of its members falls below five (5) for a period of twelve (12) months, or it fails to hold at least four (4) regular Chapter meetings within a twelve (12) month period, or is in violation of the principles and rules outlined in the Hands Off Syria Coalitiona��s Points of Unity Statement. In the case of these conditions, the HOSC Coordinating Committee may decertify the Chapter. A decertified chapter must cease to operate as a chapter of Hands Off Syria Coalition.

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