International Days of Action!

All these point to the fact that we are moving toward another, more disastrous, catastrophe in the Middle East. We call on all peace loving people throughout the world to unite and take action during the International Days of Action (March 11-19) against U.S. intervention in Syria and throughout the Middle East, against Islamophobia, and against the refugee Travel Ban.

Here are some suggested actions that you can take during the International Days of Action:

  • Initiate local actions together with civil rights and peace activists ai??i?? demonstrations, teach-ins, workshops, panel discussions, video presentations ai??i?? to oppose War, occupation and Islamophobia, and to reveal their connections.
  • Activists outside the US: Demand that your government actively opposes the U.S. policy of forced regime change in Syria.
  • Tell the U.S. President Trump and Congress that you oppose the Travel Ban and that you want the U.S. to pursue peaceful relations with Syria, Iran and all the nations of the Middle East.
  • Ask your Congressional Representatives to support Rep. Tulsi Gabbardai??i??s bill, STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT (H.R. 608). Please both call your Congressional Representativeai??i??s office directly AND sign the petition in support of STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT at
  • Write letters-to-the-editor of your local newspaper. Expose war propaganda aimed at justifying regime change in Syria and elsewhere.

We ask you to send a report of your planned activities for the International Days of Action (March 11-19) to Hands Off Syria Coalition so that we can publicize them on our web site:

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